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A Spagyric Garlic Tincture

All tartaric residues, stones, and stagnant humors will be dissolved by this Arcana made with garlic that, nonetheless, does not make your breath smell of garlic.

The body's purification starts from the blood and continues thanks to the strengthening of blood flow, the lungs, the brain and finally of digestion. For this reason, we can use any kind of garlic as long as it is not dried nor old. It is better if harvested on a dewy morning, even better if fresh, that is, still humid when extracted from the skin.

Since many who try to quit smoking attempt this kind of purification, and because it can be of great efficacy in their case, I begin by stating some important details. This purification is best performed while still smoking. If you just quit, better wait three months, because a deep purification may be excessive for someone who has smoked for many years. The ability of spagyric organic tobacco tincture, very well circulated, and cacti flower extract to facilitate quitting smoking has been attested to me; spagyric tobacco tincture can be, of course, dynamized in a homeopathic way.

During those three preparatory months, but not while you are taking the garlic tincture, one can perform liver purification with Epsom salts. Always very useful are pranayama yoga techniques, particularly Uddhyana banda and kumbaka.

Mash in a glass or porcelain container 350-400 grams of garlic. If you do not own a mortar and pestle, a glass dish and a glass are fine replacements; garlic must be mashed to a pulp so that 95% pure alcohol can be absorbed by the garlic and extract it making of it a tincture. Common 95° is fine (commonly used in homemade canned fruit), but even better would be a "spiritus vini" distilled directly from wine or vinaccia grappa (marc brandy). Leave the tincture in a fridge or in a fresh location to rest for ten days. Then, filter slowly removing all solid residue, leaving only the liquid. This must be done with patience, without squeezing, letting the liquid drop for as many hours as necessary, and avoiding any exposure to heat. After filtering, leave in the fridge for a couple of days.

This arcana's effect is already perfect with the normal tincture but, if you want to spagyrize the garlic tincture, put the garlic residues in a pan made of iron, steel, or clay and incinerate (calcinate) until perfectly and absolutely white, heating them up to the temperature of cooking gas. Mix then the powder and the liquid, filtering the result after forty days; in the meanwhile shake it at least daily. In this case, peforming the spagyric tincture, quantities must be 1/5 of what they were, according to the logic that emerges from the following scheme, but never take more than 21 drops a day (7-7-7). The tincture should be taken preferably with a bit of milk, before meals, but do as you prefer.

The next issue of Nitrogeno we will show the evidence of the garlic’s power in a way that will amaze you.

Here is the posology.

Remember: 1/5 of this quantity in case of a spagyrized garlic tincture

First 1 2 3
Second 4 5 6
Third 7 8 9
Fourth 10 11 12
Fifth 13 14 15
Sixth 15 16 17
Seventh 12 11 10
Eighth 9 8 7
Nineth 6 5 4
Tenth 3 2 1
Eleventh 15 25 25
Twelfth 25 25 25


After this cycle, end the taking assuming 25 drops 3 times a day in case of a common garlic tincture. In any case it is recommended not to repeat this purification for at least one year.

Leonardo Anfolsi

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