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Kabbalist. Born in the roaring’60s in Turin (Italy), raised and bred in his personal magic triangle: Turin, London and Dublin in a mixed libertarian and cosmopolitan masonic-jewish family as only son, the man has said farewell to arms, court dress…
Leonardo Anfolsi Reiyō Ekai is a Zen Buddhist minister of the Rinzai lineage, recognized by the Italian government and by the Federal government of the United States of America.
Rocco Fontana is a publisher of books, e-books and of the international magazine Nitrogeno. He has thirty years experience in media and communication, and lives in Trentino, Italy.
Paola Marchi, classe 1975, dopo la laurea in Lettere Moderne pubblica il suo primo saggio sui rapporti tra cinema e pittura per la casa editrice Lindau.


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