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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 14:30

Pier Fabrizio Piola (Tzur Trevi) - Editorial consultant

Kabbalist. Born in the roaring’60s in Turin (Italy), raised and bred in his personal magic triangle: Turin, London and Dublin in a mixed libertarian and cosmopolitan masonic-jewish family as only son, the man has said farewell to arms, court dress and legal codes by the ripe age of 40, to become a scholar, an author and a spiritual researcher.

As a consequence of his choice to return to his mother’s old faith – Judaism – he was eventually exposed, inevitably, to Kabbalah.

Fallen in a state of (still) burning passion, and after years of study in Italy, France and United States as pupil of some of the most renown and famed tzadikim and teachers, now gives lectures, courses and seminars illustrating theories and techniques of the original Jewish Kabbalah, especially drawn from its long time neglected Extatic and Practical branches. Author of articles and essays for specialized magazines such as the italo-israeli Madaat, he is just about to release with Rocco Fontana Editore his major effort in so far, “The Book of Keys”, an articulated innovative project which includes divination, meditation, self counselling and soul therapy, entirely based on the Ma’aseh Bereshit and the Sefer Yetzirah.

As a passionate cultor also of Sufism, Meditation, Buddhism, Shamanism and Antiquarian Sciences and Disciplines such as Alchemy and Cymatics, currently serves as an editorial consultant for Fontana Editore.

His motto is “Per Igne Florebo”, “Through Flames I’ll Flourish”.

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