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Saturday, 19 August 2017 13:44

The eclipse meditation

For those who are already acquainted and know something about it.

I don't believe that we need complicated meditations starting from the "center of the galaxy" [sic], and I don't believe that it is necessary to meditate on the eclipse itself, but rather within the eclipse, since that is where we are anyway.
When we say things like "center of the galaxy" we are talking nonsense, and if we discuss meditation instead of mechanical engineering it is perhaps less nonsensical: what does "center of the galaxy" mean? Nothing. Once again spirituality is taken as the "fairytale that makes us all feel better", thus masking reality's true dream nature. Similarly, what use is it to have an "out-of-body experience", travel on the "astral planes", or what we imagine that must be? The Cypriot shaman Daskalos, whom I was very pleased to meet, truly did take astral voyages, with the result that he could tell you, as he sat in his chair, who was coming from kilometers away, or just outside the door. Gustavo Adolfo Rol could do the same thing. This is to say that if we must talk of the "intangible", even that refers (in truth) to a direct understanding and an expansion of our experience.

So: let's not talk fluff, and expand our meditation with sensible and intelligible techniques.


A few explanations to read and mull ove.

What happens during an eclipse? On the level of individual and collective karma we experience an acceleration: it is up to us to determine whether for better or for worse. I heard Tibetan Masters talk about it, not the "ascended" or "subtle" masters, but those of flesh and blood.Thus for two days prior to the eclipse - and for the two days following - the mind enters silence, and certain energetic conditions we are about to discuss, more easily. So it is in all five days to handle.

Inner silence influences cerebral and endocrine functions, as well as prana and qi; inner silence is similarly enhanced by the eclipse. The two hemispheres of the brain function in synergy, as testified by a quantitatively more continuous flow of air from the nostrils; remembering that the mind is NOT the brain, being an experiential space much wider, mysterious and interactive than a lump of meat, let us consider the importance of this physiological rhythm, as it conditions our mental state so much, which is in turn conditioned by our physiology.

For example, a "superior" kind of sexuality originates from just this "expanded perception" permeating and vivifying all the senses; thus we may notice that instead of the usual male (the left nostril being more active) or female (right nostril dominating) modality of sexual excitation, in initiated subjects, in both men and women the flow of air in the two nostrils becomes inexplicably balanced, while orgasmic pleasure - which generally peaks and then inevitably declines - becomes a lasting state of continuous bliss. From the point of view of endocrine function, the hypothalamus is activated over time in an orderly fashion, allowing us to notice a different endocrine secretion in a sweet, slightly tangy taste in the throat.

However, it is when we speak of qi and prana that something truly unusual happens.

Qi and prana energy levels are not equal, but touch at their centers, and overlap in function; qi is a bioelectric energy that flows in the acupuncture meridians through all the limbs, connecting the nervous system and blood flow to the emotions
While the primary flow of qi follows the central line, flowing up the back and down the front of the body (in males) and conversely in women, the secondary flow is manifested in 360 points along 12 meridians. We thus have a flow of qi bio-electricity that moves through the meridians and may be influenced via the acupoints, which are like hollows (chinese: Hsue) that it must first fill before continuing; in these hollows we can either disperse or stimulate the qi. Furthermore, the qi may be moved using techniques involving eye movements and concentration, accompanied by physical movements such as active exhalation or passive breathing obtained thanks to conscientious exercise.

Prana circulates through unnumerable subtle channels not connected with the physical body (for which reason it is ridiculous or American to speak of "chakra exercises" or "perfumes for the chakras") connecting the breath with specific functions of the central or peripheral nervous systems, as well as with the feelings, which - differentiating them from the emotions (qi) - implies the application of will. Even so, I must defend those who inappropriately use the term "chakra", because while even though a chakra is not really connected with for example the stomach, a healthy third chakra constitutes an optimal support for the physical stomach.

On one hand, strong worry can disturb the heart chakra through a sensation of confusion and helplessness, thus directly causing heart irregularities. On the other hand, the qi is connected with unbridled emotions which certainly have a direct effect on the internal organs, since unbridled emotions may be regulated only through silent meditation.


Where Qi is distilled and the two Pranas unite

The belly, in the area around the navel, is where the qi winds up into a ball, spinning like a dynamo within a sphere or ball of energy, thus producing a battery of strength very important for our health and our success in meditation.
For those who have not yet experienced this “energy organ”, tales of its abilities may seem impossible. Let us move on, as those who are courageous enough to explore and ask advice from those who know will have the reward and joy of tasting what others cannot even conceive.

Speaking in very practical terms, even Bruce Lee was able to strengthen his physical/energetic/mental system with not only training but the intentional evocation of functions connected with qi and the archetypical forces connected with his culture.

In Yoga, the same area called the “nabi” centered around the Manipur chakra is where the two potent pranic energies meet, prana and apana.

The encounter of these two forces (recounted in epic as Kala-Agni or cosmic fire) generates a strong non-metabolic heat called “tapas-agni”, which influences what in the Occident we call “immune strength”.

This is the same “cosmic fire” that determines eclipses, through the two gravitational powers that collaborate, and will consume the galaxy when it reaches the end of its life. This is how, by means of archetypes, the human and sidereal planes connect.

Working with such archetypes it becomes possible to enter in a real, not ‘vague’ dialogue with the forces that regulate the universal functions, being in fact, still archetypes.


Some Meditation techniques to use during the eclipse

First technique [basic]

Sit in silence, opening the senses and letting them bloom. The force of the eclipse will simply reinforce the experience of union with all that is.
Too easy?

Second technique [pranic]

Like the first technique, with the adding that the body is perceived as translucent and iridescent. Besides being light and luminous, the body is traversed by a channel that starts slightly below the navel up to the top of the head and continues up into the heavens for several meters. Through this channel it is possible to feel the influx of the eclipse' heavenly energy, in the form of an immediately perceptible colored light. Let this light enter with all its initiatory stellar power, which in practical terms means that as it passes through the central channel through each center (or rather, where we let it happen) a star shines, leaving us with a lasting sense of limitless aperture.

Third technique [regarding qi]

Let us begin with the first technique and then feel the motion of the qi, which moves as described according to our gender or particular qualities. Paying attention we can feel the qi move, and its direction. Instead of moving the energy within the central channel, it moves dynamically on the surface, in the meridians, even penetrating deep within the connective tissue, the muscles, tendons, and bones. This circular movement continues, deriving strength from the Jin Dan or the celestial source of qi, which is found on the forehead at the midpoint of the hairline (generally it is portrayed like this in the iconographic raffiguration of angels). This force shines with the union of Sun and Moon, and descends in us.

The strength of the Earth, on the other hand, we gather through the centers of the soles of our feet, and it rises in an upward spiral.

These two forces, celestial and terrestrial, unite just below the navel, circulate within the sphere just described and spread themselves everywhere in our systems.


Finale for all techniques

We send this energy that we are circulating, and that in the end gathers just below the navel in all directions from the central channel and/or from the circular movement of the qi, to everyone, simply by thinking of all our friends, and even all our "enemies", to those we consider "neutral" but that we have met at least once. We look them in the eye and send them this energy, certain that it will not be withdrawn from us, but that on the contrary will regenerate right at the moment we send it.
We send the same energy also to the Masters of all places and times to strengthen our tie with them and to enhance their effect on all their endeavors.


My thanks to all of you.

My advice is to meditate anyway, even without an eclipse.

Remember that we are constantly guided by the Masters, as well as by our own internal Master, and that it is the duty of each of us to become Masters in our own right.

Trad: Gay Hsiao-Lin Bardin

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