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Erim. The subtle power of the magnetic rhythmic impulse emitter

It was discovered that the DNA acts as a sponge that absorbs light: The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Gariaev put a DNA molecule in a quartz cuvette and observed - using appropriate instruments - that it was absorbing photons of light, and saving then in the form of a spiral.

An Italian researcher already mentioned before, Pier Luigi Ighina - which was Guglielmo Marconi’s assistant - in the’70s - 80s, created a special antenna, ERIM, acronym of Emettitore Ritmico Impulsivo Magnetico: magnetic rhythmic impulse emitter.

According to the his ideas, this tool interacts with electromagnetic waves of sunlight, giving them the form of a spiral, therefore making them beneficial, healthy, and able to energise all living things in its action range, which seems to be quite large, as to cover an entire room, extending also beyond its walls.

Maybe ERIM feeds our body- matrix of light?

Several tests which had hundreds of positive feedback were carried out with the ERIM antenna, coming, however, only from direct and empirical observation. Obviously, the reason this tool operates, does not currently correspond to any scientific theory. It works, however, in the same, subtle, penetrating way and, after a while, clearly detectable by anyone who wants to check it.

Going back to Garaiev and his experiment with photons of light: when he removed the DNA from the container, he noticed that where just a while ago there was the molecule of DNA, the light continued to exist in the form of spiral. Up to now, apparently there are no rational and scientific explanations, except that there could be an energy field attached to DNA, a sort of “ghost DNA”, an etheric copy of the DNA. This “phantom” would have the ability to maintain and save the light.

If you’re sitting right now on the chair reading these lines, but then you get up and go elsewhere, your energetic double continues to make small spirals of light in the place where you were sitting; therefore something like trillions of molecules of ghost DNA, continues to vibrate for at least 30 days longer.

Our “energetic double”leaves behind invisible spirals of light that follow us in our tracks.

 Erim. The subtle power of the magnetic rhythmic impulse emitter

Our body feeds itself with light and radiates it

Most likely we have come at a crossroad where the discoveries on DNA will reveal new scenarios, hitherto considered risky assumptions. Concepts so far only outlined are becoming reality, while other special features are unlikely to be made public for a while, because in this area, it seems, not all is merely physical or can be taken for granted.

Fritz Popp, an eminent German scientist who has been studying the bio photons, even believes that our main intake of physical and mental energy comes from sunlight and not from food.

He states among other things: “We now know, for example, that the light can generate, or stop, the chain reactions in the cells, and that the cellular genetic damage can be virtually, repaired in a matter of hours, carefully applying, weak beams of light.”

As a confirmation of the existence of a light body in the living beings, in June 2005, in Bologna, was carried out an experiment, attended by six pairs of people, and where a woman and a man revealed unique qualities.

They were not ordinary people but two paragnosts (Psychics), Umberto Di Grazia and Florentina Richeldi: when filmed in the dark with special cameras amplifying the light signal 50,000 times, showed, at specific times of the experiment, to radiate photons of light.

More precisely the film showed that their luminous emanations produced flashes emanating in unison, coming from the head and heart areas. The light they were emanating was throbbing with the same rythm ...

 Erim. The subtle power of the magnetic rhythmic impulse emitter

E.R.I.M. in fact, I remind you, stands for rhythmic, impulsive, magnetic emitter which probably is a quality belonging not only to this instrument, but to all living things, in particular to the human being.

Taken separately, the various experiments tell us that it is time to correct the science textbooks, but also that not all individuals have the same photon emission, probably because each person’s DNA has not an equal absorption of light; the light body seems to have its own laws that our reason, does not yet know.

This amount may depend on how much light each one of us incorporates, or by how much each of us has available, that is, by how much each of us knows how to maintain and regenerate, according to the life one leads.

E.R.I.M. by Pier Luigi Ighina can be a tool capable of concentrating solar power - reflected on Earth - and making it harmonic and consistent with our DNA.

Like in Alchemy, we find that Pier Luigi Ighina ’s tools create effects difficult to explain, or that we are not yet able to explain and that actually we do not need to explain, effects that Pier Luigi Ighina achieved through his efforts to understand the book of nature.

 Erim. The subtle power of the magnetic rhythmic impulse emitter

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