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F.C.H. College of the Brotherhood of Heliopolis

We publish this article by an initiate of the F.C.H., the organization from which it comes the myth and the operations of Fulcanelli, so Canseliet, and companions.

Time goes by, Cathedrals have been built, despite obstacles, doubts, anguishes.

The Builders are always the same, challenging centuries and false prophets.

A sunray shines at noon from an alchemic-coloured window of a Cathedral and lights the exact spot of the stone it knows.

At the same time, on the same day of the year, the same thinner and inner light illuminates the first page of a Fulcanelli’s book and lays on the inscription F.C.H. dedicated to the Heliopolis Brothers, the same dedicace which is found in almost every Canceliet’s books; how come? The same mystery surrounds the life and figure of Fulcanelli, whose real identity is still debated.

Beyond any consideration regarding the research of who Fulcanelli really was, about which many quite successful books have been interested in, the important point is the message in his two books: “Le Mystère des Cathédrales” and “Les demeures philosophales”, alchemical Summae  about the stones’ language, their still alive and current function. As the Builders themselves have appeared in a given historical period, as they have come and then gone away, so Fulcanelli did, as if they had a precise mission to complete.

I have gone on so long talking about Fulcanelli because his figure is strictly connected to the Heliopolis College.

Let’s go back in time for a while, taking a little trip together. Let’s go around the VI arrondissement in Paris, in Savignes, where we will see some persons sit around a table taking part in a founding meeting of the Heliopolis College, we will meet Fulcanelli himself, the Count of St. Germain and other Brothers.

It is not Woody Allen’s latest film nor mere séances but meetings held there, everyone is free to believe in or not.

To know the roots of the Heliopolis College we have to go back to the times of Ancient Egypt.

Heliopolis, in fact, is a few kilometres from Cairo, near the actual airport.

Egypt is a long-established link between the Eastern and Western worlds, the place of the Mediterranean wise knowledge represented by the Hierophant Priests: we all must be very grateful to Schwaller De Lubicz for dedicating many years of his life in the symbolical interpretation of the hieroglyphics, the sacre measures and proportions of the Egyptian constructions and their similarity with human dimensions; many symbolical coordinates and terms are found in the rituals of the Heliopolis Colleges themselves, Brothers walking from the shade of the Acacia towards the Sun, before, and the Cosmos afterwards together with those who effectively cook the dew, work both operatically and speculatively with the mediation and support of a fine work of refining energies.

Going back to the letters F.C.H. their sum is 17 (1+7=8), the 17 represents the letter R, key letter at the centre of VITRIOL, R = RECTIFICANDO, R as RAZES, well-known French region rich in alchemical cues.

F.C.H. also represents the 3 Theological Virtues, about which the Initiated had to discover the mystery of their technical functioning, where Faith, Charity and Hope are seen as parts of the construction of the conscious being.

So we may say that even this symbolic triad inspired the calculation methods used to build the Pyramids of Egypt and the Ziggurats in Mesopotamia, which had triangular sides firmly established on a square bottom.

The Brothers have always meant the use of a “Pegasus horse”[1], that is a cabalistic language: so that in practical terms, F would stand for Fire or red rose, C for chaos or Salt, H for Hermes, as well as the letter O would represent Sulphur. C plus H = CH would represent Solve et Coagula. The three degrees in the Brotherhood symbolize the 3 phases of Alchemical transmutation from Black to White, from White to Red.

The work of the Heliopolis Brothers is speculative, no more about changing metals into gold, but a more finer one about building men instead of Cathedrals: therefore alchemical cellular transformation.

Yes, it is true that real Meditation, genuine and sacre, can change and affect DNA. If you can put together fine and wise instruments used with humility, fairness and shared with transformed Brothers – how new neurons in which mirror ourselves – you can go very far.

Does the Helipolis College still exist? The vibration, the light never go out and – as a Master I know says – we are already into eternity.

Thanks for being with me in this short but intense trip.

F.C.H. College of the Brotherhood of Heliopolis

By Philos

From Nitrogeno #1

1. In the Italian language comes an assonance between the word horse (cavallo) and Qabala that has been used by Giordano Bruno (1548-1600). Pegaso is a mythologic horse that flies like thoughs and words do.

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