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Nitrogeno — An Alchemy of Light

The Alchemy of Fulcanelli. An Alchemy of Light

Leonardo Anfolsi An Alchemy of Light Fulcanelli Jean Artero The Alchemy of Fulcanelli

The Alchemy of Fulcanelli. An Alchemy of Light

A talk by Jean Artero during the symposium “Fulcanelli” 7th of May 2011 at Pradet, Var, France Fulcanelli can be considered as the most well-known contemporary alchemist, deriving his reputation from numerous translations of his works, now available in most Western languages and even in Japanese. If there are questions about the reasons for this fame, we can consider multiple factors, the first of which is his approach to Alchemy that I would call the Alchemy of light. We begin with the realization that the “fama” of Fulcanelli is relatively recent, and that when in 1926, and in 1930 appeared...

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