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Nitrogeno — magnetism

Mattei - The alchemist and his castle

Leonardo Anfolsi Count Cesare Mattei electrohomeopathy electrohomeopathy remedies magnetism paracelsian alchemy phytotherapy

Mattei - The alchemist and his castle

He cured Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and twenty thousand people from Bologna. Inspired by Paracelso he invented electrohomeopathy, establishing the first multinational pharmaceutical company. This brief text is an introduction to my new book on Count Mattei and his mysterious medicine, and the latest discoveries about his work. Count Cesare Mattei was a man who raised many hopes and expectations around the world. He was brilliantly researching and formulating medicines that marked an era. In addition, the vast spreading of his distribution undoubtedly indicates “Count Mattei’s Elettromiopatia” as the first pharmaceutical multinational. Inspired researchers such as Claudio Carelli, director of...

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