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Nitrogeno #3

NITROGENO #3 - International Review of Operative Alchemy - Making Gold
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Alchemists were really able to produce gold. Here are their stories and those of modern scientific researchers who have obtained the same result: researches, evidences and (true) procedures to make gold.

ISBN: 9788898750320
ISSN: 2499-6734
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Nitrogeno 03 - International review of operative Alchemy

In this Issue:

To create Gold through Alchemy is just like free climbing a very steep cliff without any safety lock, a situation where the handholds are few, tilted and small. Nevertheless, we can make Gold, absolutely - By Leonardo Anfolsi

On Makin Gold 1 - Just a few words about the glorious past of Alchemy - By Janet Sambucetti and Leonardo Anfolsi

On Making Gold 2 - By Roberto A. Monti

On Making Gold 3 - How a Japanese chemist did it. Hantaro Nagaoka (1865-1950)

On Making Gold 4 - Experiment in which mercury was successfully transformed into gold

On Making Gold 5 - Russian team “actinides” announces discovery of industrial biochemical method of elemental transmutation.

The twenties, Nice, France...Gold! - Path of the Red Dragon - By James Collins

Philosophical Transactions III - By Leonardo Anfolsi

Plant Salts - By John H Reid III

Salt of the wise - By Lynn Osburn

Cybernetics and Alchemy - By Leonardo Anfolsi

Anti-earthquake technology: Done - By Leonardo Anfolsi

The wonderful Essence of plants - By Licia Rossi

The american chemical society press release on cold fusion - By Melvin Miles

The Home Made Laboratory - By Steve Kalec

A simple arcana for beginners - By Leonardo Anfolsi

Alchemy and other controversial - By Felds Ludwik Kowalski

The Alchemy of Fulcanelli. An Alchemy of Light - By Jean Artero

The manipulation of Guṇa in Āyurveda rasayana - By Guido Sartori

C.G. Jung’s Alchemy. Interview with Luca Valerio Fabj – Psychopathologist - By Leonardo Anfolsi

Stradanus - Rebecca Rossi Schelissinger

The Gold Nanoparticles - Ultimate Healing Power - By Janet Sambucetti