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Nitrogeno — esoterismo

Porta Magica - The Hermetic Door and Villa Palombara

Leonardo Anfolsi esoterismo Hermetic Door Porta Magica

Porta Magica - The Hermetic Door and Villa Palombara

Rome's Porta Magica - Hermetic Door - and Naples' Pietatella are the world's only incontestable alchemical monuments. Particularly the Porta Magica do not contain hidden symbols, but display them in an unmistakable form; they are locations built to represent alchemy, and nothing else. The Porta Magica was opened in 1680 in the wall of the Palombara's "Horto"[1]. Above the door is a bas-relief containing symbols already seen in the Rosacrucian work Aurum Seculum Redivivum of 1621, by Henricus Madathanus, from which we reproduce a detail, an evocative, synthetic display, a six pointed star surrounded by four angels. Today this alchemic...

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