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Nitrogeno — Siddha medicine

The Long-Life attainment in Tibetan Alchemy. Part 1

Leonardo Anfolsi healt Siddha medicine the Long-Life attainment in Tibetan Alchemy Tibet Alchemy

The Long-Life attainment in Tibetan Alchemy. Part 1

The icy Dew of the Mountain Goddess. In the Siddha medicine, or in the Tibetan one, we can consider their pharmacopoea as alchemical, because of all those preparations that contain metals or other substances perfectioned trough the fire. All those substances are usually calibrated to have not an exaggerated "impact effect", but blended together synergistically with other substances and/or targeted on specific functions: among these, the most typical is mercury, a dangerous substance but that, if well prepared, can be extremely effective, even in a projective way, that is to say "by contact." I personally had the experience of receiving...

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