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The count of Saint Germain ’s simple arcana

A simple arcana for beginners. It is reported that in the Netherlands, this recipe coming from an advice of the count of Saint Germain, has it happened with Paracelsus’ oil of Haarlem, was also preserved in the Rosicrucian field.

It is interesting to note that it is called Saint Germain also an elderflower liquor known in the area of Paris and used for refined cocktails Which one came first?

The count of Saint Germain ’s arcana
The count of Saint Germain ’s arcana

Nevertheless it is not hard to believe that the Count, answering to the question of some good person has given a little recipe for long life: it is interesting to note that, unlike other Galenists of the period, the Count has suggested some very simple plants, easy to find, except the manna which is produced only in two Sicilian plains. In particular the manna is an extremely nitric product that is produced by a component coming from the sky that solidifies - through the warmth of the season and the humidity of certain places - in the very sweet and very white resin of the Fraxinus of the ornus specie or angustifolia.

The manna definitely goes to soothe the effects of senna, which would be a bit irritating, and yet is present in small quantities, in a percentage of 1 to 15 with the manna.

The count of Saint Germain ’s arcana

The manna is a digestive, a mild laxative, it has a cooling effect and it is an intestinal regulator, even diabetics can take it because it does not raise the blood sugar levels, even though it is very sweet, so it’s good for slimming treatments, it contains many minerals, and it is a detoxifier going to decongest the liver, emptying the gall bladder. It is a cough suppressant, and soothes bronchitis, smoothes the skin and reduces the wrinkles, is used in solution in the treatment, of wounds, fistulas and ulcers. Is it not already an alchemical remedy already produced in the plant world?

So much so that often in history, the dew was called manna honey or air honey. We know that elderberries is an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic, being a powerful diaphoretic ie making you sweat, as well as cleansing the blood and containing powerful antioxidants.

We know that Angelica like anise it is carminative, but also that compacts the internal organs magnetising them when they are too loose during the hot season, therefore stimulating and protecting them, as well as protecting the personality from the encroachments of others: that is why is defined angelic. In my humble opinion, it would be good to add a little Chinese angelica grated root Formula:

  • Sambucus nigra, flowers: 4 ana
  • cassia angustifolia called senna leaves and pods (follicles): 1 ana
  • anice, Seeds: 1 ana
  • angelica arcangelica, seeds and roots: 2 ana
  • manna: 15 ana
The count of Saint Germain ’s arcana

The old formula consisted of a maceration in wine but we can do more, and we can do better, considering however that elderflowers have a very particular scent that can degenerate badly if we squash while trtansporting them, or we let them too long outside once cut, or if we soak them too long in alcohol. Perhaps it is best to soak them first in wine, and then enhance the liquid already dyed and free of residue in pomace brandy or SV.

Need I say more or do you already know how to use the ashes of these plants?

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