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Lunedì, 22 Maggio 2017 14:08

Maria Rita Toschi

Maria Rita Toschi, di formazione umanistica.

Da molti anni assieme al marito e compagno di cammino si dedica alla ricerca ermetica e all'approfondimento dei simboli.

All'alchimia speculativa ha unito, più di recente, la pratica della spagiria e dell'alchimia operativa.

Domenica, 21 Maggio 2017 14:25

Perchè Cultural Cannibals?

Una chiara visione ci accompagna (o ci insegue): tutto, nell'Universo, è cibo o si ciba di qualcos'altro.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:34

Dana Ullman

Dana Ullman, M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health, U.C. Berkeley) (CCH = certified in classical homeopathy) is "homeopathic.com" and is widely recognized as the foremost spokesperson for homeopathic medicine in the U.S.  Writer and journalist, he also treats people all over the world and conducts interviews.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:34

Lynn Osburn

Lynn Osburn was initiated into the art, philosophy and science of Alchemy starting at age 7 when the iconic imagery in the stained-glass windows and mysterious mytho-religious characters in wall paintings in a southern California church replica of a European cathedral caught his attention and imagination. That imagery set off an initiatic journey of a lifetime.

He has 60 years experience in the pursuit of Alchemy starting as an independent student, then advancing to journeyman practice and an Alchemy philosopher. He is versed in the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology as well. His book, "Better Living Through Alchemy" is available at his website along with many other experiments and observations.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:33

Ignazio Neri

Ignazio Neri (1914 - 2014) is an expert in chemical and achemical laboratory of the past century.
Both partisan and freemason, he dealt with communication and volunteering especially in favour of homeless people.
He did consultancy and design activities regarding machine-tools.
He has been Leonardo Anfolsi's main master.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:33

John H. Reid III

John H. Reid III is recognized as a living authority in practical and spiritual alchemy. He has been studying and practicing alchemy for nearly thirty years and has developed an approach to teaching the often obtuse subject matter of the Royal Art in a way that is easy to understand, engaging, informative, and life transforming.

In the mid 90's the publication of John's first book the "Minor Opus a.k.a John Reid's Course on Practical Alchemy" aroused considerable interest. It has been hailed as an outstanding work on plant alchemy. Thousands of people from around the world have cut their alchemical teeth on this seminal text, and hundreds of websites have based a large part of their alchemical content around it. It is in fact cited on Wikipedia as a detailed online course in Plant Alchemy.


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Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:32

James Collins

James, born in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), has degrees in both psychology and social work. He has been a member of AMORC for over fifteen years, starting as junior member. He began his operative alchemical journey almost ten years ago.

He has also studied and practiced sacred geometry, astrology and Kabbalah, calligraphy and art.


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Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:31

Steve Kalec

Author, a mystic, an AMORC grand councillor, a Traditional Martinist, a practicing alchemist and a Master Mason, a lecturer.

Steve's Jungian studies led him to understand the alchemical process as being a universal one throughout all aspects of being.

This realization has led him to the study and practice of operative laboratory alchemy.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:29

Rocco Fontana

Rocco Fontana is Nitrogeno’s Publisher.
He lives and works in Trentino, Italy, and has been dealing with digital publishing for some years.
For over thirty years, he is active in communication and news.
He has been attending a Gurdjieff school for many years and then continued the training by himself.
He is recently deepening meditation.
His actual mission is spreading literature and esoteric practice, especially alchemy.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:28

Leonardo Anfolsi

Leonardo Anfolsi is an expert on meditation and laboratory, having attended both for more than thirty years.
He is a Teacher and Buddhist monk of the Rinzai tradition and experienced naturopath.
Writer and lecturer, he is active in Europe and USA.
In 1989 one of his books was published by L’Ottava, the publishing Company directed by Franco Battiato.
It has been recently re-published by Fontana Editore.