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La Sfinge dell’Alchimia e come si scompare nello Specchio.

Marco Bagnoli è un artista che ha da sempre conservato un senso sacrale dell’arte e dell’ispirazione.

Venerdì, 23 Giugno 2017 14:43

Mattei - The alchemist and his castle

He cured Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and twenty thousand people from Bologna. Inspired by Paracelso he invented electrohomeopathy, establishing the first multinational pharmaceutical company.

Interview with Luca Valerio Fabj - Psychopathologist

LA - I want to start with the name of the magazine that you direct “The Minotaur”; I know that you’ve inherited the name of the magazine, but I also know that it is a crucial symbol in Jungian studies. Can you say something about it?

Lunedì, 16 Gennaio 2017 14:05

A permanent culture

About land food earth knowledge

Navigare Necesse Est, Vivere Non Necesse

We have to sail, we do not have to live,

“Sailing is More Important than living”

ancient latin motto

Leonardo Anfolsi interviews Pietro Zucchetti the founder of the Italian permaculture institute.

Martedì, 01 Agosto 2017 11:04

Philosophical Transactions

To begin with Alchemy and Culture we should take a look at all those cultural organizations which made the difference in the cultural heritage of our world, due to science, philosophy, art, religion, collecting, archiving or researching reasons.

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