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Giovedì, 03 Agosto 2017 17:16

The pyramid of reality and the hand in the wall

If we would like to try to capture the essence of reality within a single, simple concept, we should think at it as it was structured according to the shape of a multi-level pyramid.

The pyramid of the creation encompassing all the reality that we see, corresponds to many levels and therefore on each level many entities live, move and fit in such a way to form the structure completely.

It is a unique block, and we are part of it being fragments of this amazing metaphysical building.

This pyramid is a Dimensional Pyramid, this meaning that each level of the pyramid itself corresponds to a specific dimension in reality. For Kabbalah students it is clear how in order to contact the divine energies you primary need to understand at which level of the Pyramid we are actually focusing our efforts upon.

When we are in the physical world, it is important to understand the inherent limits of this fact, but we also have to realize that we have chances to exert some forms of control over the other dimensions that are incumbent over the physical world; this world is precisely the one we consider ours to contemplate and, in part, to modify through thoughts and actions.

Hence comes the concept of individuality that is also quite a simple concept. Let's imagine now to push a hand through a wall. We simply could not, because everything here has a finite and duality individuality. But in the concept of “unity” there is no separation between the hand and the wall.

The hand and the wall are two different things, but that's just an illusion, if we look at such things in a ultimate ontological perspective. Since Individuality means One, then the hand and the wall are just properties and qualities or sub-entities within the same One and only individual being, that expresses and contains the whole of reality.

Everything is One because it is in our mind the dimension where happens that the letters forming that concept are elaborated. That is why it is essential to bless the outside world, for the outside world is nothing more than a manifestation of our inner world, and being one with it the separation does not really exist.

The pyramid therefore is only one, and everything that is must relate directly to the One and Whole structure, which is a building made of bricks, parts, floors and sections and each part is crucial to allow the pyramid to reach its apex.

So, do you understand now how much you are important?

Each person possesses his/her own personal body, and his/her personal purpose and work to do in order to keep the whole pyramid together. If now you realize that you live and exist inside a pyramid that you understand how much even your simple breathing is crucial for the Universe. Think about the role you have, and which is your position in this World. Are you holding that position or are you trying to flee away?

We are what we are. Parts of a set. We are what we believe to be and above all we are what we choose to be in every single moment.

Sometimes we realize what we could be so that we can live up to our full potentials according the level of understanding and knowledge we have reached in life.

Raising our knowledge would lead us to climb the pyramid so that we’ll reach the apex, even progressing slowly, whatever this means for us. The closer we get to the apex and the more the differentiation between physical, psychic and material decreases and everything starts to melt into each other becoming as well lighter and brighter.

Living a life serving the Spirit automatically brings us to see how everything is One, and how One is all and at the very same time opens our mind and soul to the understanding of some fundamental Gates giving to Oneness, such as compassion and acceptance of the other. Because there is no brick that is left out of the pyramid or that is laid against it. Everything is included and works to keep the One together. It is also important to understand that the more you go up and the more you have less stones to look after is crucial to relieve the sense of the weight of being alive, get finally rid of problems and doubts, and of questions and uncertainties because what gives origin to such a burden is nothing more than our understanding that as we come into this world we are located at the base level of the pyramid.

When we integrate in the structure, we can climb its steps, and then we grow. We simply deduct that to elevate ourselves makes us fulfilled and shows up ourselves for what we really are.

Integrating the other pieces of the pyramid automatically leads us to a completion of a level that allows us to make the next step so leading us to real spiritual elevation. Raising from our level means therefore to integrate, to understand, to forgive, and in this way to make sure that the Dimension of Oneness could become a tangible one and a real one. The others are us, every other being is a in an infinitesimal part of us, and therefore to climb the pyramid corresponds to a continuous understanding of our reality and of the visible and invisible worlds whose eventual complete integration will convey the power to make the final jump into Oneness.

In fact, only through a slow and constant process of observation and meditation on reality is possible to achieve integration. Without making dualistic judgments. The multiple realities, therefore, are only one of the mirrors that we must integrate with our immensity to reach full light and return, so to make possible to push effortless our hand through the wall without the need for separation of any sort and kind. We are all on the road to Oneness.

And this is the magnificent journey that has been granted to us.


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