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Fontana Editore

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:29

Rocco Fontana

Rocco Fontana is Nitrogeno’s Publisher.
He lives and works in Trentino, Italy, and has been dealing with digital publishing for some years.
For over thirty years, he is active in communication and news.
He has been attending a Gurdjieff school for many years and then continued the training by himself.
He is recently deepening meditation.
His actual mission is spreading literature and esoteric practice, especially alchemy.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:28

Leonardo Anfolsi

Leonardo Anfolsi is an expert on meditation and laboratory, having attended both for more than thirty years.
He is a Teacher and Buddhist monk of the Rinzai tradition and experienced naturopath.
Writer and lecturer, he is active in Europe and USA.
In 1989 one of his books was published by L’Ottava, the publishing Company directed by Franco Battiato.
It has been recently re-published by Fontana Editore.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:27

Maria Pia Giaccone

Qualified teacher and translator for books of all types, including medical documentation and personal treatises.
Over 20 years of history translating and teaching English and Italian.
Worked for IBM India translating financial documents for Monte Paschi di Siena.
Travelled and worked in multiple countries, including the United States and United Kingdom.

She works as a volunteer and she in charge of the NitroGeno translation committee.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:26

Boris Aliyev

As a young man, he was a follower of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and is actually a researcher in the aesthetics and traditional field, as well as being fond of music and electronics.

Apothecary and herbalist, he met Alchemy thanks to some members of the anthroposophic and martinist movements, and got excited of this pharmacopoeia as well as the ayurvedic one.
Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:26


Philos is a French initiate of Lubic's, Fulcanelli's and Canseliet's FCH Brotherhood, that wants to remain unknown.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:25

Rebecca Rossi Schlessinger

Rebecca Rossi Schlessinger likes to call herself a self-made researcher of history with a passionate hunch about Alchemy and esoteric traditions.

She is happy to be a mother and housewife.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:24

Licia Rossi

A graduated in Visual Arts at the University of Bologna, Licia Rossi has been the creator and conductor of workshops and laboratories of Art Based Therapeutic Activities addressed to schools and to city councils and carried out a series of Environmental Educational Excursions and worked as project and workshop executive director at the Education Laboratory department of Villa Scandellara, focused on environmental and ecological education and awareness.

Then she managed an Herbalist’s Shop in Bologna and now practices as Aromaherapist and Kinesiologist.

Licia Rossi is a qualified Aikido Teacher.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:23

Mark House

Named "Chymicus Hermeticus" by the late Manfred Junius, Julian Mark House studies the Western Hermetic traditions of Alchemy and Qabala; today he practices nanotechnology and pursues wholistic aether sciences.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:23

Jean Artero

Jean Artero is an hermeticist & historian of alchemy. His main focus is till now on contemporary alchemists, especially French ones.

Among his various books: Présence de Fulcanelli (2008) and Julien Champagne (2014). He also gave TV interviews, mainly about Eugene Canseliet).

In 2011 he participated in the first colloquium devoted to Fulcanelli.

Site: www.archerjulienchampagne.com

E-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:21

Dr. Luca Valerio Fabj

Surgeon Specialist in Analytical Psychotherapy, Director of Analytical Psychotherapy Aion Postgraduate School recognized by the Italian Government, where he is Professor of Analytical Psychology, Psychopathology+ Psychology of Religious Experience.

Director of the scientific journal The Minotaur.

Author and journalist.

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