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Venerdì, 01 Giugno 2018 10:36

The veritable paracelsian Oil of Haarlem

And some other formulas regarding sulfur as a polychrest. (Article from Nitrogeno 1)
The secret story of an incredible device This article is about my research in the field of border sciences but moves away from the theories accepted by researchers who belong…
Con una mossa molto strana per la storia del pensiero, di colpo, l’epistemologia – termine che si riferisce da sempre all’episteme ἐπιστήμη cioè al domandarsi ultimo – diventò la disciplina…
The icy Dew of the Mountain Goddess. In the Siddha medicine, or in the Tibetan one, we can consider their pharmacopoea as alchemical, because of all those preparations that contain…
Giovedì, 28 Dicembre 2017 09:30

Philosophical Transactions III

As we had explained in the previous issues of NitroGeno, the Philosophical Transactions is a review published since the XVII century that stands at the very beginning of the foundation…
Martedì, 05 Dicembre 2017 21:07

Nitrogeno interviews Pier Luigi Tazzi

Nitrogeno interviews Pier Luigi Tazzi, World renowned art critic and curator. I believe it is important to be aware of the fact that every event happening in the field of…
Giovedì, 26 Ottobre 2017 11:20

L’Essenza meravigliosa delle piante

“La Natura è il medico, non tu. Da lei devi prendere ordini, non da te”.Paracelso
Venerdì, 13 Ottobre 2017 09:56

Importance of the Salt Principle in Alchemy

"There are two principles active in man; one is the principle of matter, the other one is the spirit. The spirit in man sustains the body as the air supplies…


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