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It is essential not to fall into the incorrect idea of believing that alchemy only means “to make gold”, as we have already explained in the editorial, and we invite everyone to read it because it contains all the ethics of the science/art in just a few sentences.

Giovedì, 13 Giugno 2019 22:51

Nevertheless, we can make Gold, absolutely

To create Gold through Alchemy is just like free climbing a very steep cliff without any safety lock, a situation where the handholds are few, tilted and small.

Lunedì, 27 Maggio 2019 22:51

Non bisogna meditare per forza

Non bisogna meditare per forza, ma oramai perfino i neurologi, gli psicologi se non addirittura prelati e imprenditori, ci ribadiscono che fa bene.

The distillation has something magical, we can’t figure out why a substance gets refined through heat and the passing in another container, or even circulating, which is rising and falling in the same glass balloon.

Venerdì, 08 Marzo 2019 18:15

About Count Mattei’s Electrohomeopathy

The formulas and the preparations his legacy today in Europe and India.

Count Cesare Mattei created the first multinational pharmaceutical company, with 107 locations and more around the world, what we would call today a “multinational company with great geographical dispersion”.

Mercoledì, 06 Febbraio 2019 13:33

Philosophical transactions II

[1]We have seen how the famous Philosophical Transaction review’s issues - that we alchemists can still use to get many operational information - were reports of research and scientific insights that began to be published even before the founding of the Royal Society, and we have seen how these notes, handwritten at first, came from a circle of philosophers-scientists such as Hartlibb and Boyle - who were inspired by Newton along with Starkey - as well as Ashmole and the son of the celebrated alchemist William Oughtred,[2] whom we will discuss in the next issue, given that he was a keen observer of the formation of the philosophical mercury through the dew, theme that Fleischer commented abundantly in one of his texts, to the point to become a commentator of Ougthred’s research.[3]

 In occasione del mio 60° Compleanno - 7 Gennaio 2019 – voglio condividere con voi questi pensieri.

Sabato, 29 Dicembre 2018 22:43

Dora, l'archetipo, la forma e il Tutto

Siccome la ragazza “a destra” pare essere la modella a cui si ispira lo studio – lo schizzo a matita che sta a sinistra – possiamo dire che quel primo sia il “soggetto” preso a modello; in realtà, al contrario, la ragazza che sembra in carne ed ossa, forse, è la continuazione dello schizzo, quindi potrebbe anche essere l’elaborazione successiva dello “studio”.

Lo zen naikan porta a chi lo pratica un benessere armonico, una gioia continua, il più fermo aiuto alla guarigione e incoraggia la più alta realizzazione spirituale.

Friar Basilio Valentino writes of this salt:

When they break my wings
and prepare me to be bathed in water
- which is my enemy -
I become capable of breaking the metals,
and I break them with violent strenght.
So that a fine mercury is produced
The tartar must be there too
more I cannot give to you
if the Sun and the Moon are not in me.

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