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Venerdì, 13 Ottobre 2017 09:56

Importance of the Salt Principle in Alchemy

"There are two principles active in man; one is the principle of matter, the other one is the spirit. The spirit in man sustains the body as the air supplies him with life."


Working on the salts of plants can be very interesting. From the black ashes is extracted a pure white very active medicinal salt used in making alchemical plant stones and elixirs. I believe that we can go to very far lengths in our work of purification of these salts. As an experiment, I have continued through a series of dissolutions and coagulations of the salts from the residue of grapes after the juices have been pressed from it. It is amazing the whiteness one can achieve through the repetitious process. After having passed through twelve such dissolutions, coagulations and calcinations, I have arrived at a whiteness so bright, that it truly looks immaculate in the sunlight.

salt principle

This work has lead me to ponder on the importance of the alchemical salts in our spagyric works. Matter is said to be the matrix, it is corporeal and is the element of “Earth”. Sendivogius says, this earth is the true womb within which the Spirit is so exalted, as to be able to propagate and multiply its own kind. This earth has a multiplicative power. The Spirit is a volatile substance, it is fleeting, and to readily capture it, one needs a magnet and a receptacle. For the manifestation of the spirit, it must be brought down to earth, for it is here that the work really transpires. Hermes has said that, “It’s power is most perfect when it is converted to earth”. This is the strength of all strengths as the telesmic power. In the Christian myth, Jesus is related to saying, “I have come to establish the Kingdom of heaven on earth”. Our matter is that precious Jewel through which the light shines. This Jewel is called Malkuth or the kingdom in the Cabala. This is the Spirit within matter. Zosimos says, “The rays of the heavenly bodies are concentrated in no element with such virtue and power as in Earth, precisely because Earth is the true and solid receptacle of the celestial virtues and the center of their spheres. In the residue of the burnt matters, the dross, is found the power of everything.” Artephius says, “it is in the ashes remaining in the bottom of the tomb, where is found the diadem of the King.” D’Espagnet says, “the earth at the bottom of the cup is the true mine of the Philosopher’s Gold, the fire of nature and heaven.” The Emerald Tablet says, “The power of the Telesma is not complete if it is not converted into earth.” It is through the precious cinders, that the phoenix regenerates itself. The highest is the lowest. Without the salts as the body, our elixir would be without garment to cloths itself, manifest and express itself in the world.

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