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Venerdì, 23 Novembre 2018 23:25

Āyurveda and Alchemy

An introduction. We will follow the best scriptural tradition of India, by articulating clearly the purpose of our subject.
Giovedì, 22 Novembre 2018 22:59

The Enigma of philosophical Mercury

An operative overview of hermetic philosophy. With this series of articles I want to explore some areas of spagyric and alchemical thoughts that are generally only dealt with in a…
Martedì, 20 Novembre 2018 10:39

The Longlife Attainment in Tibetan Buddhism 2

The Icy dew of the Mountain goddess - An alchemical poem by the VI Dalai Lama and the hidden treasure of Alexius Von Ruesenstein.
In questo video si vuole mostrare per la prima volta la Stanza delle Visioni del Conte Mattei, sito nell’area pericolante e quindi difficilmente visitabile della Rocchetta Mattei , a Riola…
We publish this article by an initiate of the F.C.H., the organization from which it comes the myth and the operations of Fulcanelli, so Canseliet, and companions.
Rome's Porta Magica - Hermetic Door - and Naples' Pietatella are the world's only incontestable alchemical monuments. Particularly the Porta Magica do not contain hidden symbols, but display them in…
Venerdì, 01 Giugno 2018 10:36

The veritable paracelsian Oil of Haarlem

And some other formulas regarding sulfur as a polychrest. (Article from Nitrogeno 1)
The secret story of an incredible device This article is about my research in the field of border sciences but moves away from the theories accepted by researchers who belong…


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