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The Enchantment is not only wonder, yet it embraces it:to watch the sky, eyes wide open, being lost in it, grasping its intimate power and immerse yourself in it in…
Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 19:00

Why Nitrogeno?

With our magazine, Nitrogeno, we want to take your life to the next level, right now! We want to spread a single field of Knowledge, a holographic Reality that anybody…
Interview with Luca Valerio Fabj - PsychopathologistLA - I want to start with the name of the magazine that you direct “The Minotaur”; I know that you’ve inherited the name…
Lunedì, 16 Gennaio 2017 14:05

A permanent culture

About land food earth knowledge Navigare Necesse Est, Vivere Non Necesse We have to sail, we do not have to live, “Sailing is More Important than living” ancient latin motto…
Lunedì, 04 Luglio 2016 15:56

A Spagyric Garlic Tincture

All tartaric residues, stones, and stagnant humors will be dissolved by this Arcana made with garlic that, nonetheless, does not make your breath smell of garlic.
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