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The distillation has something magical, we can’t figure out why a substance gets refined through heat and the passing in another container, or even circulating, which is rising and falling in the same glass balloon.

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Giovedì, 28 Dicembre 2017 09:30

Philosophical Transactions III

As we had explained in the previous issues of NitroGeno, the Philosophical Transactions is a review published since the XVII century that stands at the very beginning of the foundation of the Royal Society, starting with the first scientific and humanistic annotations of Samuel Hartlib.

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Lunedì, 31 Luglio 2017 15:35

Video - Nitrogeno #3 presentation

Leonardo Anfolsi present third issue of Nitrogeno

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La Sfinge dell’Alchimia e come si scompare nello Specchio.

Marco Bagnoli è un artista che ha da sempre conservato un senso sacrale dell’arte e dell’ispirazione.

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Sabato, 20 Maggio 2017 18:29

Rocco Fontana

Rocco Fontana is Nitrogeno’s Publisher.
He lives and works in Trentino, Italy, and has been dealing with digital publishing for some years.
For over thirty years, he is active in communication and news.
He has been attending a Gurdjieff school for many years and then continued the training by himself.
He is recently deepening meditation.
His actual mission is spreading literature and esoteric practice, especially alchemy.

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Nitrogeno è una rivista internazionale di alchimia operativa. Pubblicata in formato eBook, è disponibile nei formati .epub, .mobi e PDF.

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