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Salt of the wise

Words alone often fail to express the nimble Spirit which enlivens everything. It is the primary focus of the Alchemists. It is the Point of the Philosophy.

To present Alchemical Praxis successfully it should be more than descriptions and observations. It has to somehow demonstrate the dynamics and the fusion of philosophical opposites, the inner and outer, the subtle and the gross, the light and the dark, yin and yang.

Alchemy is the union of opposites. The Spirit that unites opposites manifests in the body as well as the mind. Cyliani more than any other alchemist captures the essence of that Spirit in words:

“We must realize that the body of man is material; nevertheless, it contains a power and energy, which is foreign to it. This energy is life.”

“At this point, I must warn you never to forget that only two matters of the same origin are needed: One volatile, the other fixed. There are two ways, the dry and the humid. I personally follow the latter by preference and by duty, though the former is familiar to me. It is done with only one matter.”

“The azoth unites easily with sulphur, fire with fire, and the double mercury or rebis in powder or salt or oil forms the true potable gold or the Universal Medicine in white or red. Finally, the seed of gold lies within the gold itself.”

When Cyliani writes, “The Universal Medicine is a magnetic salt that serves as a covering for a strange energy, universal life.” he has demonstrated his praxis by connecting a salt body to a living Spirit. He describes that Spirit with affection and intimate detailed knowledge in Hermes Unveiled. He successfully demonstrated this living Spirit in the allegory of the Celestial Nymph.

“I thought that I heard split the tree at whose feet I was sitting. The sound made me turn my head. I saw a nymph, a very epitome of beauty emerging from this tree. Her clothes were so diaphanous that they seemed transparent.

...My essence is celestial. You can even consider me as a ray from the pole star. My power is such that I animate everything. I am the astral spirit. I give life to everything that breathes and vegetates. I know everything. Speak what can I do for you?”

“0 celestial nymph,” I said, “you can reanimate in me a heart beaten down by hardship by granting me only some slight idea regarding the organization of the universe; regarding the immortality of the soul and give me somehow the means that I may achieve to a knowledge of the Philosopher’s Stone and the Universal Medicine. I have become an object of public laughter. My back is bent under the huge weight of miseries. For pity’s sake deign give me the means to rehabilitate myself in my own eyes.”

“I am truly touched by your sorrowful existence,” she answered me. “Listen. Gather all your faculties and engrave into your memory what I am going to tell you. At the same time, take a part of my comparisons as figurative, in order that I may be able to make myself understandable to your intelligence.”

“... Man is triune. His body or his shape is animated by a soul. This is the junction of diverse forces by the help of which the spirit imprints its shape or matter. The soul is directed by the Celestial Spirit which is an emanation of the divine action and, consequently, imperishable.”

“... Let us now come to this matter of all your miseries and, if I dare say so, of your fixed point. Your obstinacy was required in order to make you worthy of such good fortune. Listen attentively and never forget your hardships so that throughout your life you will always remember those who are unfortunate. Follow me and fear nothing.”

“I then saw a cloud that seemed to emanate from the center of the earth. We were wrapped in this cloud and it carried us into the air. We wandered along the seashore on which I noticed small humps. Night came. The sky was covered with stars. We followed the Milky Way, directing ourselves toward the pole star. An extreme cold caught hold of me and brought on a deep sleep. Warmed afterwards, due to the rays of the sun that began to appear on the horizon, I was very astounded on waking up to find myself on the earth and here to notice a temple. The nymph took me by the hand and led me to its entrance.”

For this to be real one has to find that living Spirit in the salt body. Once the Spirit has taken on the salt body it has been determined as in the photo of the white star crystals in the blue distillate. Then one can work with it in the outer labs. Before determination the Spirit is not manifest. It is the artist’s task to make the determination.

wize 1

For it to be real one has to find that Spirit in one’s own body. Eastern alchemists have given us great details about how to find and collect the living Spirit in one’s body, but give the impression that the matter in the outer lab work is of little concern.

Western alchemists have given us great details about how to find and collect the living Spirit outside one’s body and very scant detail about handling that Spirit inside. Or so it may seem because they really had to obscure the inner circulation, sublimation and distillation from political religious authorities on fear of death.

Manly P. Hall revealed the great secret of the Circulatum Major for the Dry Way in “The Ventricles and the Brain Dew,” from “Man Grand Symbol of the Mysteries.”

“In their search for the elixir of life, the alchemists discovered the occult properties of a certain mysterious ‘dew’ and were moved to write thereof, but always in a most guarded manner. ... This ‘dew’ lost all its virtue unless it was gathered by certain means in especially purified vessels. One ancient alchemist recommended four glass plates, another linen cloths that had been made absolutely clean. The purified vessels, the clean glass plates, and the linen cloths refer, of course, to the regenerated body of the alchemist, who has gained the right to discover the Universal Solvent by cleansing, as it were, the inside of his own cup. The philosophers also revealed that this mysterious ‘dew’ drips down into the heart of the redeemed (baptism), by which such a man is empowered to understand all mysteries.”

The Philosophical Dew of the Western alchemists is a mirror to the Taoist alchemists Three Treasures Qi, Jing and Shen.

Lu Kuan Yu, my Philosophical mentor advises in “Taoist Alchemy and Immortality”:

“You should sublimate the three precious elements, namely the generative force [ching, jing], (vital) breath [chi, qi] and spirit [shen] to restore their original strength and the foundation will be laid when these three elements unite; only then can immortality be attained.”

“Question: I have read Taoist books which all urge the development of the light in the original cavity or center of the spirit (tsu ch’iao, in the center of the brain between and behind the eyes) at the start of practice but I do not see why. All Taoist schools regard this as the aim of the cultivation of (essential) nature without giving details. Will you please tell me where true nature actually manifests?”

“Answer: (The tsu ch’aio cavity in) the center of the brain branches out into two minor channels on its left and right; the left one stands for t’ai chi (supreme ultimate) and the right one for ch’ung ling (immaterial spirit); they are linked with the t’ien ku (heavenly valley) center above them and the yung chuan (bubbling spring) centers in the soles of the feet after running through the heart in the chest.”

In the center of the brain there exists a system of interconnected symmetrical cavities called ventricles. Within the ventricles flows an inner sea of light emitting nutriments that feed and protect the brain. This inner sea of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, CSF, circulates through the brain and the spinal column. The Lateral ventricles are shaped somewhat like tuning forks. When the power of the three treasures are in resonance at threshold amplitude in the lateral ventricles energy vortex fields expand along the axis of the Sylvius Fissures. Then the Supreme Ultimate and Immaterial Spirit activate.

wize 2

It is well known that light emission is related to lipid peroxidation in biological material, and that this process occurs spontaneously in the brain. There is an inner sea, Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, where GOD (glucose oxidase) sprinkles light in the sweet nourishment that feeds the brain. Lipids in the inner sea emit photons with wavelengths 420-450, 475-485, 510-540, 560-580, 625-640 nanometers during the processes of oxygenation creating chemiluminescence.[1] Those wavelengths of blue, green, yellow and red light are effervescent scintillations into the inner sea where no eye can see even though the Mind does.

Every nerve fiber connecting the billions of neurons is a coil containing chains of highly unsaturated fatty acids that carry clouds of de-localized electrons called pi electrons. The clouds of pi electrons carry electrostatic forces and emit photons as fields of energy wave over them in the chaos of sensory input/response. The Mind sorts out the Chaos into a Cosmos flow illuminated by light the Mind’s “I” can see. When two photons are in resonance they can unite forming a short lived particle known as π0 particle which can break up into two photons again, without mass, as a pure wave motion.[2]

Chaos to Cosmos illuminated in the Philosophical Dew: Our Mercury in the Dry Way: “The crystalline ‘dew’ described by St. John and the oceans above the heavens indicated in the opening verses of Genesis are not without their physiological correspondences in the human body. The Ocean of Eternity and the Milky Way—are these not again hints as to the crystalline ‘dew’ of the adepts? The amrita, or the ‘water of immortality,’ was obtained, according to the Vedas, from the churning of the great ocean. The word means literally, ‘deathless.’ Here is the elixir of life of the alchemists.

“Denuded of its symbolism and applied to the microcosm, all these allegories point to a secret in occult anatomy. The activity of the human brain, which we have already seen to be filled and surrounded by a subtle humidity, causes an akasic precipitation, a brain ‘dew’ which is more of a luminous ether than a liquid. This ‘dew,’ however, is more tangible than a gas, and as the manna is said to have fallen from heaven, so this ‘dew’ of thought trickles down between the two hemispheres of the cerebrum and finally fills the third ventricle, which is the reservior, so to speak, of this heavenly water. This ‘dew’ carries in suspension, or as the alchemists might say, is ‘tinctured’ by the mental activity of the seven brain stars which form the northern constellation of man. ... Paracelsus thus sums up the mystery: ‘The whole of the Microcosm is potentially contained in the Liquor Vitae, a nerve fluid—in which is contained the nature, quality, character and essence of beings.’” – Manly P. Hall

wize 3

This Philosophical Dew of the alchemists in the Dry Way can be quickened with Quintessential concentrations of our Salt of the Wise crystallized in the Wet Path, if one knows how to move in the circuitry of the Inner Circulation. The Quintessence created in the Macrocosm can be induced into the CSF flooding the inner sea with Spirit capable of saturating the ventricles to the point of activating a transcendental Philosophical Torroid that can be held stable within four field generators.

Field one is at the base of the skull. This is the capacitor holding the charge flux in the third ventricle regulating the flow of Spirit into fields two and three collimated and concentrated in the Lateral ventricles. When the ventricles are saturated the energy density flows out through the Silvian Fissures fleeing quite like a very strong magnetic force field that attenuates about six to twelve inches from the skull parallel to it as Spiritual Wings begin to unfold. When the expanded Silvian Fields are saturated the fourth field opens. It is a Point projected about six to twelve inches from the forehead. This is the Floating Point or Universal Navigator.

If the Quintessential flow of Spirit continues to flood the ventricles the Supreme Ultimate and Immaterial Spirit will unfold Philosophical Wings into a Torroid of Gnosis surrounding your body. When that happens the circulatory flow of the Quintessential Spirit will increase tremendously and an intense feeling of vacuum/void will concentrate at the crown of the head.

A chain reaction Paradox occurs as the vacuum/void Point at the crown becomes untenable ripping a hole in space/time opening a Portal. And the Floating Point between the eyes navigates the Portal. This Portal is the bridge between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm: between space/time and eternity.

wize 4

How can this be? One might ask. The photons generated and exchanged in the Mercury waves pulsating CSF Sea become entangled in the intense vacuum sensation when the vortex Portal begins to open as the Supreme Ultimate and Immaterial Spirit expand and unfold. In the torroid analogy the highly refined and coherent photon light entangled in the torroidal vacuum bends back upon itself and space/time is warped inside out within the torroid vortex field generated. A Singularity is fixed: an open Portal to Eternity and the Cosmic Egg.

On the surface it appears that Eastern and Western Alchemy are two different practices because the connecting principle is hidden in that it is subtly in plain sight. The hidden principle is the Alchemical Dragon. The whole operation inner and outer is depicted in the alchemical golden dragon image taken from Elias Ashmole’s “Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum” with John Dastin’s de errorbius image set into the vessel.

wize 5

“Determined to win or to perish, I furiously seized my spear with one hand and the substance in the other and put a sufficient quantity of this latter on the lock. In a little while the lock disappeared entirely and the two leaves of the door to the temple opened with a loud noise. My eyes fell on a fierce dragon who was endowed with an enormous three pointed tongue with which he sought to throw his fatal breath on me. I hurled myself towards him crying out: ‘When one has lost everything, when one has no more hope, life becomes a disgrace and death a duty.”

“He opened his huge jaws to devour me, at which I hurled my spear with all my strength so that it pierced through his throat, deep into his entrails. I tore out his heart and, so that he could not reach me, at the same time, I made crude efforts with the help of my spear to turn away the direction of his head. The monster curled up on himself several times, vomited waves of blood and ceased to exist.” - Cyliani

It has been said that it is not permitted to speak openly or directly about this aspect of the Great Work. It is not permitted because words cannot convey the presence of the Celestial Spirit. It has to be experienced and that is profound revelation for an individual that can behold the Spirit through alchemical rebirth.

That Primary Matter of the alchemists is this Universal Spirit, and how to determine it is the goal of the Great Work. One proceeds in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm simultaneously through Philosophical and Chymical experiments. Raymond Lull is credited with writing about this in “Philosophical and Chymical Experiments:”

wize 6

“Of the Properties of the Salt, how it is the Key of this Science.”

“My beloved Son, although our Salt be the principal Key of this Science, yet can he not be any good, although he were made melting as Butter, without joyning with his Sol or Luna; otherwise, there is no Generation: therefore he must be prepared by himself, and then joyn unto him Sol or Luna, before you do any projection upon any imperfect Metal, to make them perfect.” “But when you have prepared him by himself, and after joyned fine Capel Luna with him, as afore written in the other Chapter; then must the Body that you will project upon, be made clean as aforesaid, and then made living with Luna joyned thereto.”“For all unperfect Bodies be called dead, saving Sol and Luna: they be called living, and full made; and the same living Body that we cast on him, or projection withal, we call Featen or Ferment, and that doth make our imperfect Body perfect; and therefore they must be all three joyned together, or else there will be no Transmutation. Thus I do shut up the Composition of the white Elixir, and now will begin with the red Elixir.” The quote above from Lull is not helpful when you don’t know the salt, but he is correct as I have seen in my lab though he deliberately uses names of things to throw you off course in understanding.

wize 7

Alchemystic Fire in a Bottle

It should be evident from the writings of the adepts that the goal of alchemy is operating with Philosophical Mercury and Philosophical Sulfur properly prepared to receive the Universal Spirit. The Universal Spirit in undetermined mode is the Dragon’s Breath: the Universal Fire. This is Alchemystic Fire enlivening the Soul in the evolution of the Green Lion as it transcends limitations.

Alchemical Circulation is the play of three principles in both labs of the artist operator. In the outer lab the Dragon’s fiery breath frees this strange energy of Cylaini from the feces limiting further transformations of a fixed body.

First it is seen as a white vapor but that is not the Spirit. It is a transition body containing within it the Philosophical Mercury and Sulfur. This is the philosophical trinity of the alchemists described beautifully by St. Dunstan:

“For the whole Work is one, and the thing itself is one, and all the whole is derived from an Image. For our Ancestors knew, that the parts of this Stone are celestial and concrete; which were altogether absurd, if common Sol and Luna were needful to the composition thereof.”

“For it is said, Take a body wherein is Argent Vive, pure, clean, unspotted, and incompleat of Nature: such a body after its compleat and perfect cleansing, is much better than the Bodies of Mineral Sol and Luna.”

“Of this self-same body, which is the matter of the Stone, three things are chiefly said; that it is a green Lyon, a stinking Gum, and a white Fume.”

“But this is spoken of Philosophers, purposely to deceive Folks, and to bring them into doubts, by the many different names.”

wize 8

“But understand thou shalt, one thing always is really signified, though accidentally and by names it is said to be three: for the Green Lyon, Stinking Gum, and White Fume, are spoken of one and the same subject, wherein they altogether lie hid, until by Art they are made manifest.” – “Philosophia Maturata, An Exact Piece of Philosophy.”

In the time of Cyliani the Dragon’s scales fell from the sky saturated with Spirit the artist could put to good use. This can still be done as the Alchemical Dragon is far wise and just. One shows their mettal to the Dragon through the Labors of Hercules. If sufficient the Artist will claim two treasures: one, “the matter containing the two metallic natures” in one vessel. The two metallic natures are our Gold and Silver, Sol and Luna. The two metallic natures are saturated with Spirit determined to them from the blood and water of the Dragon. The other treasure is Cyliani’s astral spirit a projection from the pole star hidden within Dragon Scales in the shaft of the spear that pierced it.

The Dragon Scales can be transformed into Dragon Frost which is the key to unlock our Science. That frost is Salt of the Wise, Cyliani’s Celestial Nymph that destroys the lock on the doors to the Philosophical Temple.

One strong whiff of the Dragon’s Frost and you will see the pole star and feel the cold burn of that white hot spear, maybe even fall into a dream on your way to the floor. Take heed as Cyliani advises: “This could become dangerous to you if you stay too long in this place. Hasten to take your reward and leave this temple with all possible speed.”

wize 9
wize 10



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Cyliani’s Pole Star, astral spirit, the Celestial Nymph crystallized in a Philosophical copper ammonia complex Mother Liquor grown in my lab -- Lynn Osburn

Sal Armoniac sublimated from the Dragon’s frosty breath in my lab – Lynn Osburn

Sal Armoniac purified in my lab – Lynn Osburn

Ventricle System, The Brain: Mystery of Matter and Mind; U.S. News Books; 1981.

Ventricle System, The Brain: Mystery of Matter and Mind; U.S. News Books; 1981.

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Golden Dragon image fusing the alchemical dragon from Elias Ashmole’s Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum with John Dastin’s de errorbius; photo-shopped by Lynn Osburn

Pure Sal Armoniac melting like butter into his own pure fixed Luna in my Lab -- Lynn Osburn

Sal Armoniac distilled into a 1000mL Erlenmeyer flask in my lab -- Lynn Osburn

White fume containing the Green Lion, Stinking Gum and Universal Spirit ascending from the vegetable matter in my lab -- Lynn Osburn

Sal Armoniac sublimated from Dragon Scales into a 2000mL Erlenmeyer flask along with our Luna in my lab -- Lynn Osburn.

Sal Armoniac and Our Luna (argent vive) separated for purification in my lab -- Lynn Osburn

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