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Why Cultural Cannibals?

A clear vision accompanies us (or chases us): everything in the Universe is food or feeds itself on something else.

A choral action of “reciprocal maintenance” unites all Worlds, creatures, energies, and substances in a cosmic banquet.

This vision can be illumination or mere intellectual gymnastics. It depends on what is done with it.

Here we make books and write about books.

We strongly support the idea that also Knowledge has been for centuries, and still is, an example of “reciprocal maintenance”.

Here we engage with “different” subjects, we write about spirituality, culture, alchemy, art, science, … God; ergo, about Man’s development.

Here the books are for sale as well.

Cultural Cannibals is how we wanted to name this this blog, because this definition conveys our thought effectively.

We want to make apparent how each thought is at the heart of and nourishment for the following one, how knowledgeable Work is “food” and inspiration for successive Work and discoveries (metaphysically we suspect that the opposite be also true). This means “cultural cannibalism” for us in its best, noblest (and holiest) meaning.

It is the books (and consequently their authors), which come out and show they absorbed and integrated previous texts. Borges affirmed that in reality books only talk about other books, and that cross reference and network are an all-absorbing spiral structure which indissolubly sews together the thread of life with the thread of narrative art. Stories generate lives, which turn into other stories. Books talk of heroes, who inspire people, who will become heroes about whom other books will talk.

Which will be the Primary Book?

Here we are, guests and dining companions, all around our big bubbling pot stirring “ingredients” and “spices”.

Bon appétit!

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