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Adriano Panaccione - Life Helping

Adriano Panaccione is the creator of Life Helping . Born in Rome on 29 June 1983. Equipped with an intuitive mind and a desire for knowledge manifested since childhood, his parents decided to enroll him in school at the age of 5. Growing up, after several setbacks, on January 1, 2006 he decided to change his life completely.

He goes on a diet and loses 54 kg, begins a personal study, attending coaching courses and subsequently specializing in emotion management; He studies, out of passion, psychology and everything related to Wellbeing and Spirituality. He attended a course in Professional Qi Gong and Classical Chinese Medicine at the Xin Shu school in Rome.

Life Helping , however, does not arise from any of these disciplines. It was created to respond to the need to free one's mind from all the manipulations received, and Adriano questioned every thought, every word and every action he performed. This allowed him to really know himself, in every little facet, of what his real needs are and to finally understand what his LIFE MISSION is: "To help with Love those who want to be Joy".

In 2017, therefore, Adriano Panaccione decided to give life to the path of self-awareness that he calls Life Helping , which literally means "Helping life" to allow it to flow, to stop resisting, so that every human being can achieve Joy.

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