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Rocco Fontana - Publisher

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Rocco Fontana - Editore

Rocco Fontana is a publisher of books, e-books and of the international magazine Nitrogeno.
He has thirty years experience in media and communication, and lives in Trentino, Italy.

Since 2013 he focused on publishing as a way to respond to a burning need, which had been calling him for some time, likely one of those apparently irrational impulses that Life drops on us.

For many years Rocco attended a Gurdjieff school and Forth Way (La Teca), later on continuing his studies autonomously.

Recently he has been deepening the practice of meditation under the guidance of Leonardo Anfolsi and has been working with Pier Fabrizio Piola to Piola’s own project on the cabalistic tarots "The Book of Keys” / “Il libro delle Chiavi".

Rocco’s core mission is to spread the knowledge of esoteric literature and spirituality, with a special highlight on alchemy and new lifestyles.

And here he is, busy producing and publishing ebooks and books, a job that he is learning step by step and that he is loving further, as much as he loves interacting with the author, reading in between the lines of a text, grasping the writer’s genesis and personality, and thinking of strategies.

Rocco adores feeling like a "small boat in the middle of the sea", when the fateful OK is given, the new book is published and online, or when the first freshly printed copies arrive.

All this is, for a small publisher, a real "message in a bottle".

After all, what count are quality and commitment, and the willingness to offer people something useful and lasting.

The catalogue will grow slowly, in a continuous “in fieri”, thanks to the precious contributions, advice and views from partners and readers.

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