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Damiano Checchin

Pranotherapist, writer, pianist, meditation teacher, alchemist and blogger, Damiano Checchin was born in Mirano, in the province of Venice, on 12 March 1974.

From a young age he became passionate about symbolism, meditation and pranotherapy, coming into contact with some masters who directed him to the study of pranic energy and its development.

He graduated in piano at the “B.Marcello” Conservatory in Venice, starting a career as a teacher and musician, which he gave up, in part, to dedicate himself to some entrepreneurial projects and subsequently to the study of energy disciplines.

He undertook numerous journeys around the world which led him to discover the most famous healers, acquiring the specific techniques of each one.

The knowledge of the various energy disciplines, learned from different cultures in different continents, persuaded him to develop a methodology called MCC Pranotherapeutic Technique, where MCC is the acronym for Checchin Canalization Method.

Subsequently, MCC will spread to various schools scattered in Italy and abroad.
He is also the creator of the Intuitive Self-Improvement Meditation, a peculiar guided meditation, now followed by thousands of people, which leads to the achievement of one's goals, controlling and channeling mental energy to identify oneself as material beings and spiritual creatures.

He has been working for over twenty years as a pranotherapist, writer, speaker and trainer, organizing seminars and conferences in Italy and abroad.

He dedicates his life to supporting people to regain awareness, accompanying them in personal fulfillment and psychophysical and spiritual well-being.

He currently lives in France, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, in La Turbie.

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