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Daniela Bongini

Daniela Bongini, Florence, 1966. Natural interpreter specialized in animal languages.

For 20 years he has looked after them privately or in reception facilities. Empathic with animals from an early age, she develops a strong sensitivity and ability to relate to them.

He finds his place in the world thanks to an intense volunteering experience at a dog shelter. For many years she worked as a kennel operator in some private facilities. The daily contact with those reclusive beings and the need to offer them deeper help pushed her to look for an effective communication tool which she finally found in theta healing in 2012. Thanks to this technique, appropriately personalized, he discovers that he can easily contact the spirit guides of each animal and thus becomes a channel of simultaneous translation.

This ability leads her to tackle increasingly specific and delicate paths, such as searching for missing animals or putting them in contact, while alive or when they leave the body, with their human companions.

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