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Paola Fontana graduated in Literature and Philosophy from the La Sapienza University of Rome. The course of study, dedicated to the Disciplines of Entertainment, and the thesis on Research Theater and the Voice, represent only one stage of the long and varied research path of the singer-songwriter, author and painter who has always dedicated herself, as well as to artistic practice as a performer, to teaching. At Cet, directed by Mogol, winner of a scholarship provided by the EEC, she obtained a diploma as a performer of pop music.

Since 2001 he has dedicated himself to training and has over four hundred publications including books and CDs dedicated to teachers and students of various school levels. As an author she currently writes for Edizioni Paoline Audiovisivi ed Editoriali of Rome and Milan and for Del Borgo - Giunti of Bologna and Florence. For the latter two publishing houses he is respectively responsible for the publications of the nursery school and teacher of training courses, nationally recognized by the MIUR, on the preparatory and teaching of expressive languages. He directs the quarterly specialist magazine “Didattica-operativa”.

In addition to educational works, he has published novels, poems, narratives, dramaturgical and musical works and held international painting exhibitions. Among the didactic works we mention the musical method: “Master music 1 and 2!”.

She is the mother of four boys who she considers to be her most beautiful works and which have inspired her most important publications. He lives in an old silk factory in Vallesina, located on the hills of the beautiful Marche. Here he carries out his writing, study, pedagogical and musical research and where he paints with an abstract and material style using fluorescent acrylic colors and creating lively and futuristic atmospheres.

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