Pier Fabrizio Piola (Tzur Trevi) Fontana Editore

Pier Fabrizio Piola (Tzur Trevi) - Editorial consultant

Pier Fabrizio Piola

Cabalist. Turin, born in the 1960s, educated and raised in Italy, London and Dublin in a mixed family masonic ed Jewish libertarian and cosmopolitan in nature, he threw codes, toga and wig away by the age of 40 to become a scholar and spiritual seeker.

As a result of his return to the maternal Jewish faith he is exposed to Kabbalah.

Unable to resist this call, after having studied in Italy, France and the United States with rabbinical masters of absolute excellence, today he holds courses and technical seminars of authentic Kabbalah, especially Ecstatic and Operative, writes essays for magazines including the Italian-Israeli Madaat, and is about to publish a complex and innovative editorial project with his friend Rocco Fontana: "The Book of Keys" / "The Book of Keys", a divination, meditative, introspective and therapeutic system based on the Ma’aseh Bereshit It is on Sefer Yetzirah.

He is also a passionate lover of Sufism, Meditation, Buddhism, Shamanism, Anthroposophy and Antiquarian Sciences, and for this reason he is also an editorial consultant for Fontana Editore.

His motto is "For Igne Florebo".

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