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Talking about myself in an official, representative way – says the author – is one of the things that puts me in crisis the most. What I would say appears to me at the same time as a titled superstructure, or a reductive substructure.

I am always tempted, in these circumstances, to quote Whitman's well-known quote Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large, I contain multitudes . Or the beautiful poem by Szymborska (with whom I believe I share astrological characteristics), Writing your CV: …

Regardless of how much you have experienced, your CV should be short…

Well, here, in canonical third person.

Born in Rimini on 2 July 1962 at 9.40 pm. His baptism of the eyes was the sea, the Adriatic so mistreated, exploited, used, and so simple, essential, poetic.

Classical high school diploma, Degree in Architecture, training in Transpersonal Facilitation and Counseling, but also many and many books and studies and experiences: he defines his training as eclectic, personal, non-conformist, and many and varied interests, spanning nature and culture , experience and science. Sensitive to specific issues since she was a child, she has committed herself and continues to voluntarily engage in the environmental, social and educational fields.

Her biography as a writer is very fast, since, writing for fun, she has published, in addition to Fairy Tales for Curious Princesses and Princes , two poetic collections Richiami di deriva (2017) and Innesti di rose sull'ortica (2019).

She does not think in terms of worldly successes, and is currently employed as a Button Presser and Change Agent at Universo SpA at least until she reaches the minimum contribution.

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