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Sarah Maria Tagliabue

Children are his passion and his mission.

Doctor in Primary Education Sciences, she subsequently obtained a degree in Human and Philosophical Sciences.

She has twenty years of experience in the school sector, first as a teacher, then as Coordinator and Director.

Thanks to training and experience, it delves deeper into the topic of bilingualism and second language learning in the 0 – 10 year age group.

It also offers consultancy aimed at supporting all aspects of growth: social, relational, emotional, cognitive, as well as answering families' questions on various topics.

Passionate about esotericism, theosophy and astrology, in recent years she has dedicated herself to the promotion and dissemination of a new pedagogical paradigm, which puts the soul at the center of every educational movement.

Esoteric books for children are, therefore, the synthesis of his passions, but, above all, what he intends to give to humanity.

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