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Poetry from Africa. Asante Sana

Asante Sana - Poesia dall'Africa

Asante Sana

I observe this brick-coloured snake

fleeing car lights

crawling around the forest

still shrouded in the darkness of the night.

The thoughts, oddly, are few

And this time they reach me hesitantly,

With a great desire to run away immediately,

Without even asking for my leave.

I feel two eyes watching us in the darkness.

“Stop the car” I tell Deo, my driver

and we take on board an Ancient man

a Masai wayfarer, regal, impressive,

With very beautiful… androgynous features.

I feel sure that he is my way to the Sacred.

At the same time I hold on tight to the handle of the car

so I do not forget my body

as you taught me, Master,

You should know that I never stopped grieving for you.


But now I understand that you are beside me,

you are Masai wayfarer, Deo, dad, mum, mum,

Ale, Diana, Marcello, Jacky, Divin Colzani,

Bijoux, Scorza, Fusettis, Zouzou, Dylan, Dave,

Big Masks Guru, Pino, Frà, Stu, Enzo, José, Martine, Rossano,

my faithful Jager and the forests of Tanzania with their starry sky,

A multitude of me joined in one self.

Ecstasy, bliss, enlightenment ... now I know where to find you.

Asante Sana Universe, I will never stop thanking you.


Corto Monzese

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