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Valentino Bellucci

4 essays by Valentino Bellucci

4 essays by Valentino Bellucci

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These four texts are autonomous, but at the same time each is linked to the themes developed in the other essays. They are united by a red thread: the need to rediscover a higher vision of life and reality and lead the reader by the hand on new and very ancient paths at the same time.

Ways that show the spirituality of Life, Way that requires sincere work and study.

These texts allow readers to acquire the tools to enter the esoteric knowledge that allowed geniuses such as Goethe, Dalí, Leibniz to develop unique works of art, philosophy and spirituality.

  • Goethe he is the supreme artist, the great initiate capable of living in the world without being of the world.
  • Dalí he is the genius of the 20th century, capable of combining tradition and avant-garde in a healthy and unique way.
  • Leibniz, A giant in science, philosophy and spiritual vision, all to be rediscovered. His courage and his ability to disseminate admirable.

Genius is not accidental, but comes from an enormous inner work and these essays talk about this work and the tools to do it. Knowledge, once esoteric, is now available to a wider audience and in these books an attempt has been made to make it understandable to all.

These 4 essays lead the reader towards treasures, towards certain knowledge of the soul and of the sacred, which today few really spread. We trust that the reader will feel these books as a gift and will seek to put some of that wisdom into their own lives, and then share it with others.

Everything is fine sincere seeker of truth should read these 4 books and profitably benefit from them.

The four books by Valentino Bellucci:

  1. The Clown's Secret - and other philosophical essays
  2. Parallel universes - The esotericism in Leibniz's thought to move in the infinite.
  3. Salvador Dalí's Secret Mirrors - The initiatory secrets present in the painter's work.
  4. Goethe Esoteric - Goethe's 7 initiatory secrets.

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