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Dario Atena

The Ancient Science of Resurrection

The Ancient Science of Resurrection

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The book speaks of the mystery of death and resurrection, of which the myth of Osiris is the prototype. It is not a question of physical death, as is generally believed, but of the resurrection of the soul which makes a man a god. In fact, Jesus said: "You are gods, you are one with the Father". Naturally this refers to those who are on the path of initiation, to those to whom Jesus communicated the secrets of the Kingdom of God orally; they are things that have never been said in public in these 2000 years, but which today, at the end of time and at the beginning of the new Era, can be revealed. In fact, Jesus said: "At the end of time the Truth will be shouted from the rooftops".

The ancient science of resurrection is the new revelation of the ancient Mysteries which are at the origin of religions, in particular of the Roman state religion. First there was that of Attis, which lasted until 300 AD, and then - with Constantine - that of Jesus the Christ. Both of these religions speak of the same Mystery, and although this is known to scholars, strangely (but it is not so strange…) only in this book are things clearly stated.

As an introduction to the work we want to quote this short passage taken from Secret Doctrine by H.P.Blawatsky speaking of the ancient Vedic initiations:

"The second Sun (the "second hypostasis" of Rabbi Drach) appeared subjected to a test, when Vishvakarma, the Hierophant, severed seven of its rays and replaced them with a crown of thorns, when the "Sun" became Vikartana, deprived of its rays After this, the Sun - represented by a neophyte ready to be initiated - was made to descend into the Patala (hell, or "inferior astral - physical" - Athena), the lower regions, for the test of Tantalus (analogous to the "temptations of Jesus" - Athena). Emerging triumphant, he emerged from this region of sensuality and iniquity, to again become Karmasakshin, witness to the Karma of men, and again rose triumphant in all the glory of his regeneration, as the Graha Raja, the King of the Constellations, to whom the title of Gabbastiman was addressed, "reintegrated in his rays"…"

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Author: Darius Athena
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