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Apocalisse come Rivelazione

Apocalisse come Rivelazione

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"Scattered traces of an everlasting path"

Nitrogen, and “Manual for the new World”; this wording can summarize the basic idea for this Monographic magazine. The possibility of offering particularly interesting articles in the field of raising awareness and planning a new operational paradigm of humanity and society to the greatest number of people, obviously interested and predisposed to this type of information.

An ambitious project?

Probably, but this is no time for half measures. The moment is tremendous and therefore full of challenges and opportunities.

In a period of historical crisis, we want to offer ready people the tools to survive and respond to chaos, managing to design and demonstrate a new way of experiencing the world, obviously starting from themselves and their loved ones. In this sense, sacred science, art and thought they are indispensable tools.

The magazine aims to provide these tools in a clear and accessible way.

The theme of this first issue isApocalypse as Revelation.

Apocalypse, in fact, does not only mean inevitable destruction or desperation, but also, and more importantly, at least for us publisher It is scientific Committee of Nitrogen, revelation of the hidden and incredible opportunities, for those who know how to seize them.

Who can deny that today we are witnessing a new Apocalypse?

And who will want to see and seize the wonderful opportunities?

They wrote (in alphabetical order):

  • Maria Grazia Albanese
  • Leonardo Anfolsi
  • Ciro Aurigemma
  • Antonio Bonifacio
  • Nina Camelia
  • Valentina Chiarappa
  • Stefano Mini
  • Giuseppe Delang Paterniti
  • Stefano Scoglio
  • Tzuriel Trevi

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9791280418609
Pages: 232
Author: AA.VV.
Edition: 2023
Format: 17x24cm

If not in stock the book is printed in print on demand with delivery in approximately 7/10 working days (an ecological choice).

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