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Luca Pigaiani

Harmonic Bath

Harmonic Bath

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Practice the sound massage with Tibetan bells it means stimulating the person to rediscover his 'authentic' position in the world by re-contacting that original function of identity construction that sound has during the first months of gestation; in fact already in the maternal womb it is precisely the sound that simultaneously communicates the presence of the Other and the interdependent nature of existence.

"Sound massage", despite having been widespread internationally for about forty years, is a subject of study that is still little known in Italy. Publications on the subject are still rare and public opinion often has difficulty thinking and understanding how one can practice and receive a "massage" with sounds. In reality it is a knowledge well known to ancient societies (e.g. Australia, Egypt, India...) and "forgotten" by modernity, although traces of it can still be found in the practices of traditional healers.

Worldwide there are already various specializations of "sound massage", for example there are operators who carry out treatments with the voice, the drum, the singing bowls, didjeridoo, piano, gong etc..

The professional figure of "sound massage" operator and music therapist do not coincide. While with music therapy "music and/or musical elements" are used, "sound massage" focuses its attention on the action of sound on the person.

In contemporary society there is a tendency to identify sound and music.

The "sound massage" operator does not use any musical composition but directs the sound of his instrument/s onto the recipient's body. By applying sound directly to certain parts of the body, on the one hand the awakening of emotions linked to autobiographical associations is reduced to a minimum, as often occurs when listening to melodic music, and on the other hand the recipient's conscience will be freed from melodic-harmonic and emotional expectations by focusing his attention in the “here and now” of the sound phenomenon.

Contemporary science confirms what was affirmed by ancient wisdom: "The Word, the Om of Hinduism and Buddhism, the primordial Abyss, the wide open Mouth, the singing Cave, the Fissure in the rock of the Upanishads, the Tao of the ancient Chinese from which the world emanates, hearing the voice of God in the Sound of a subtle silence mentioned in the book of the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament, are images of the empty space or non-being from which the barely perceptible breath of the Creator blows. This sound born from the Void is the result of a thought that makes Nothing vibrate and creates space by spreading. If the creator is a song, it is evident that the world he gives life to is a purely acoustic world ”.

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