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Frater Efes

Kabbalah for Freemasons - 1

Kabbalah for Freemasons - 1

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Volume 1 - The Tree and the Sefirot

There Kabbalah or the Kabbalot? Single or multiple? Is it always the same river that changes its name or was the source water to create, under the same but misunderstood forms and reworked symbols, new narratives for new revelations or for the recovery of ancient magical-operative knowledge?

An expert Jewish Kabbalist will help the reader to extricate himself from all these self-styled Kabbalahs, so that he can fully enjoy these very rich Kabbalah Lessons for Masonic use for the Blue Degrees, divided into two comfortable volumes.

In the 3rd and therefore also in the 4th volume of this series we will deal with a primary and vast wisdom, revealed to the West only starting from the end of the fifteenth century. Let's talk about Kabbalah . In the well-curated two-part introduction, an experienced Jewish scholar will guide readers, without being too politically correct, to understand the fundamental distinctions between all the traditions that call themselves Kabbalah, be they Christian, Hermetic, Gnostic, Rosicrucian, Alchemical, or Magical-Occultistic.

The Jewish point of view on the colossal "cultural appropriation" passed unnoticed that the Mystique of Judaism has suffered from the European side will be illustrated and so much chaos and misunderstandings will be clarified, showing the solutions of the original Kabbalah alongside those elaborated by the West .

Also in this case the text includes a complete series of Masonic tables, organized in the form of an esoteric course for apprentices, dedicated in the first volume, richly illustrated, to the Masonic doctrine, for the Blue Degrees, about theTree of Life not Ten sefirot .

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 160
Author: Brother Ephesus
Necklace: Western Esoteric Traditions
Images: And
Edition: 2020

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