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Nadia Varolo

Diary of a midwife in reverse

Diary of a midwife in reverse

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Biography of a companion in death and dying

If someone had predicted to me 20 years ago that I would deal with death and dying, with joy and curiosity, I would have simply thought he was crazy. And yet it was just like that.

My journey in this fertile territory begins far away.

Diary of a midwife in reverse it is a book that I wrote for you, with simplicity and heart, to describe this journey to you, speaking about me in first person, so that my experience can invite you to reflect and make the flame that perhaps some of you are glimpsing burn more brightly inside itself.

A flame of interest in death, the topic of life that seems to be the most hostile, the most frightening and the most filled with eternally unanswered questions. Answers that will never be certain, so that man can continue to seek them within himself.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 168
Author: Nadia Varolo
Images: 16
Edition: 2019

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