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Michele Sist

God plays video games

God plays video games

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Giusy, a psychotherapist engaged in research on mankind and on existence in a Systemic key, he meets Michele, a character who, despite his normal appearance, hides an unexpected wisdom, as an epilogue of years spent in the most sacred research: on who we are, on the meaning of life and on our existence.

Intrigued by her lucid and direct approach, combined with an innate characteristic of bringing issues back to the basis, to the "root" that animates them, Giusy is driven by the desire to submit to man those themes that have always fascinated her, to see them again in a different approach, apparently distant from his own.

What emerges is an exciting dialogue from which a completely unusual vision of the state of things emerges. Their encounters will bring to light Michele's past, his travels in the East and the fatal encounter with a mystic who will change his life leading him, through various vicissitudes, to discover not only the meaning of existence as a "great game of God ”, but above all to understand what is the purpose and our life mission. In this picture, the wisdom of the past, previously understandable to few, becomes accessible to all thanks to an authentic transmutation of the "communication flow" in a modern key: the "right" words act as keys to open the doors of those kingdoms hitherto the prerogative of the so-called "enlightened" .

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 168
Author: Michele Sist
Edition: 2020

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