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Antonella Burato

Drawing feelings

Drawing feelings

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And drawing course that encourages and develops the natural creativity that is in us: a reserve for everyday life, a way to make one's life a work of art.

And painting manual different. It distances itself from those who have gone to school, because it accompanies the lover of beauty in realizing the idea that he himself imagines and in translating his feelings into plastic forms.

Drawing feelings ” is not just a drawing course, is a path of knowledge, for those who, addicted to the society of images, wish to combine the external, perceptive and probable eye with the internal, sensitive and innovative one.

In progressive stages, the author brings the reader closer to the dashed and three-dimensional drawing, and leads him to realize, in himself, the alchemical transmutation of self-healing.

The Book in numbers:
Format: 21x21cm
Pages: 106
Author: Antonella Burato
Illustrations: 87
Edition: 2019

If not in stock, the book is printed in print on demand with delivery in about 7/10 working days (an ecological choice).

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