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Costant Chévillon

E il Logos si fece carne

E il Logos si fece carne

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Constant Chévillon ventured into this study on Gospel of John, a sapiential jewel of Christian esotericism.

The true significance of the Johnite question refers to a real tradition of "fire", which starts from those proto-religions and proto-initiations which were Zoroastrianism and Mandaeism, precursors of christian esotericism. Their spiritual lifeblood proceeded from Alexandria in Egypt, arrived in Greece with Orpheus and the cult of Apollo, was embodied in Alexandrian Gnosticism and Manichaeism, was instilled in medieval Europe through the Bogumils and the Cathars; and became the tools and art of the ancient brotherhoods of arts and crafts.

The Giovannita question is a characterizing element of Christian esotericism but today, due to the degradation of the environment and the mediocrity of many seekers, it seems to have been forgotten. This is not a bad thing, as it allows the few authentic seekers to operate silently and away from prying eyes. All this wisdom deposit is hidden and protected by a valuable web of words and images, capable of tickling the deep chords of our superior soul.

Constant Chévillon was no stranger to themes and reflections specific to Greek philosophy; this fruitful Logos, who gives life, recalls Stoic philosophy but also the concept of the Platonic Demiurge. At the same time, in the image of Darkness that tries to overwhelm the Light, and the non-mixing of the latter with the former, Zoroastrianism strongly echoes, where a precosmic struggle between two irreducible principles shaped space, time and the destiny of man.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 128
Author: Costant Chévillon
Necklace: Western Esoteric Traditions
Edition: 2021

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