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Corto Monzese

Enneagramma & Body Types

Enneagramma & Body Types

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The study of Body Types or psychosomatic types through the Enneagram Of Gurdjieff it is a very intriguing topic.

When we talk about it, a knot of people immediately forms who, in a short time and without too many preambles, begin to ask what it is about and then move on almost anxiously to the fateful question ... “And me, what Body Type am I?”.

This matter is based on the fact that there are human races that do not depend on skin color, but which take into account the somatic and character characteristics of people; a Martial of the Caucasian race, so to speak, has the same body conformation and the same nature in dealing with things as a Martial of the Asian or African race.

When you are on the train and a Jovial Body Type enters the compartment, be it white, yellow or black, rest assured that after a few moments he will start telling jokes, that the Mercurial Body Type in front of him, after laughing or "pretend" laughing all the time, will try to talk business and that the Lunar Body Type, although there is a seat, will be kept in the corridor of the train to observe everything from a distance.

If the compartment is full, it will be the Body Type Saturnino who will give way first to the beautiful and sensual Body Type Venusiana who, immediately after mentioning a fake denial, will waste no time in sitting down, crossing her splendid legs, in her tight suit and starting to put on makeup.

Each Body Type, thanks to Gurdjieff's Enneagram, has its complementary type with which it gets on very well in love, friendship as well as in business management and its incompatible type, from which it is better… STAY AWAY! From these considerations and the comparisons with Gurdjieff's Enneagram, it is possible to obtain a whole series of indications for knowing oneself better, for making important decisions and for optimally choosing the corresponding partners in the various fields of interest.

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