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Stefania Calesini

Fairy tales for curious Princesses and Princes

Fairy tales for curious Princesses and Princes

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The fairy tales in this book, for adult readers, tell of identities, behaviors, relationships. THE Curious Princes and Princesses it's us, when we try to understand the mechanisms that drive us to act/not act in a certain way, when we're curious and we go to explore the childish parts, the ones that first experienced being in the world.

The apparent lightness of fairy-tale language is a veil, which covers theoretical and experiential contents in the vast field of communication and human functioning. First-hand content.

The fairy tales of this book are chapters of an autobiography written in fantastic terms, proposed to provide a facility for observation and awareness.

It is an emotionally intense work, accompanied by the trust that personal awareness becomes a gesture of love for oneself and one's loved ones, and at the same time an act of happy care for the human community and for the whole world.

Centering, observation, listening, language and analogical resonances are the ingredients/tools of fairy tales and invitations to reflection. A creative method proposed here as a game, an adventure.

“If you find it suitable, take advantage of it. If you like it, take advantage of it. If it gives you a bearable annoyance, take advantage of it”.

It is also aimed at counselor and therapist who can use it to accompany people on this journey.


The Book in numbers:
Pages: 168
Author: Stephanie Calesini
Necklace: NarrActions
Edition: 2022

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