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Stefania Venturini

Fido is no longer here

Fido is no longer here

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Ache It is mourning for the loss of a pet

How much animals teach us to relate to them, they add beauty to our lives by loving and appreciating us without judging us, giving us great emotions and company, helping us even in times of sadness and difficulty! Already Sigmund Freud had recognized how “the feeling we have for dogs is the same we feel for children”, as a prelude to recent scientific studies that demonstrate how real emotional bonds of dedication and loyalty are formed between people and their animals.

The author tells us about this relationship, the ache that we feel when our trusted ones leave us forever and of all the aspects that it would be advisable to know and face. The mourning for the loss of a pet it is in fact a process, in all respects, similar to that for the loss of a loved one.

But the limited possibility of expressing this suffering determines the impossibility of fully experiencing the feelings associated with this mourning through ritual modalities, in particular due to the ethical limits that prevent us from considering Fido as part of the family.

This book was written to give guidance and concrete help to those who have to deal with the pain of losing their pet. In the studies, in the reflections, in the suggestions, in the testimonies there is the attention and the heart that the author has given us through this particular work.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 232
Author: Stephanie Venturini
Images: 3
Edition: 2020

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