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Paola Fontana

Francesco dal cuore tumultuoso

Francesco dal cuore tumultuoso

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Centuries later, the powerful and luminous figure of Francis of Assisi never stops radiating light and positivity in today's world, cynical and forgetful of basic values such as peace, goodness, humanity and solidarity.

With this book published in the de The Esoterines and dedicated to the figure of the Patron Saint of Italy, the author, who has already published several volumes on the figure of the founding friar of Franciscanism, shows children and young people the modernity and splendor of the thought of Saint Francis, a timeless and admired character all over the world.

We will witness, during the (highly symbolic) imprisonment, the ordeal in which the young and futile Francesco, with a tumultuous heart, begins his journey to become Francis of Assisi, the saint known and loved throughout the world. With reading and imagination, we will follow Francesco on his path to awakening, we will participate in his meetings, his dialogues, his works. We will be inspired in our growth journey.

Here is our alternative proposal. The Esoterines they are texts designed to stimulate imagination and reflection in young minds, help them consider divergent points of view and begin to gain confidence with their own interiority. At the beginning of each book you will find instructions for parents to share the text with their child, which we highly recommend.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 56
Author: Paola Fontana
Works: Paolo Tait
Necklace: The Esoterines
Edition: 2021
Recommended age: from 3 years with the help of an adult - 14 years

If not in stock the book is printed in print on demand with delivery in approximately 7/10 working days (an ecological choice).

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