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Paola Fontana

Giacomo the poet who wanted to love

Giacomo the poet who wanted to love

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How not to introduce the figure of Giacomo Leopardi to children? This great poet who in the small village where he was born managed to conceive a very high lyric, appreciated all over the world? How not to tell them about her studies and the poetry with which she described feelings and landscapes?

Giacomo used to talk to himself. He didn't really like conversation with others. They didn't understand him and even laughed at him. So he reasoned with his heart of a lonely, sensitive and highly intelligent person.

In his short but very intense parable he wrote works that still today arouse admiration, wonder and emotion. We will witness the most significant encounters in Giacomo's life. Imaginative encounters or profound perceptions? However moments of enormous transformation and awareness. The poet will always keep that expanded and amazed vision of the world and of life; a vision that belongs to innocence and childhood. To young readers the exhortation to preserve this vision with tenacity, to the adults the solicitation to recover it as soon as possible.

Here is our alternative proposal. The Esoterines they are texts designed to stimulate imagination and reflection in young minds, help them consider divergent points of view and begin to become familiar with their own interiority. At the beginning of each book you will find instructions for parents, for a shared reading of the text with their child, which we highly recommend.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 56
Author: Paola Fontana
Works: Paolo Tait
Necklace: The Esoterines
Edition: 2021
Recommended age: from 3 years with the help of an adult - 14 years

If not in stock, the book is printed in print on demand with delivery in about 7/10 working days (an ecological choice).

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