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Valentino Bellucci

Narada's aphorisms

Narada's aphorisms

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(Nāradabhaktisūtra) The most intimate secret of ecstasy.

The wise and holy Nārada is the great mystic who travels the universe accompanied by the music of his vina. Son of Brahma, he is the one who enlightens the seekers of Truth. This is one of the most valuable works concerning the yoga of divine love, referring to bhakti-yoga, the great process whose main objective is to take us out of this world, forever.

In these sutras he reveals how he himself has attained the highest perfection and transcendence in the Infinite Good. Bhakti-yoga is known as the foremost of all yogas, as no higher goal can be achieved without love, without putting our whole heart into it.

With this translation, totally faithful to the original text transmitted in India for thousands of years, Valentino Bellucci, with the support of Swami Atulananda Acarya, makes one of the most valuable contributions to the Western world and to our troubled society. Undoubtedly, this work will enrich life and bring all good luck to sincere readers.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 200
Author: Valentino Bellucci
Necklace: Eastern Esoteric Studies
Images: 11
Publication: 2019

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