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Valentino Bellucci

Salvador Dalí's Secret Mirrors

Salvador Dalí's Secret Mirrors

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The initiatory secrets present in the painter's work

Throughout his life Salvador Dali he did nothing but mirror himself. An entire work and the entire life of an artistic genius at the service of the most pathetic narcissism? We would be wrong.

Salvador Dalí has ​​been able to mirror himself like no other in the history of art and culture; no one more than he has known how to build secret mirrors on which we, today, can see entire worlds.

We discover or rediscover a surprising Salvador Dalí, because behind every mirror hides a more intimate Salvador Dalí, the source of his artistic and human genius. Well beyond the surrealism, beyond the recovery of the figurative, beyond the jokes and worldly gimmicks, Salvador Dalí consecrated himself to something that incorporated all these aspects; he searched for the immortal image of himself in multiple mirrors and in each one he thought he had found a precious reflection.

His artistic production represents an extraordinary human confession, a real mystical confession.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9788898750658
Publication date: 2019
Pages: 152
Format: 11,5x19cm.
Author: Valentino Bellucci
Necklace: Eastern Esoteric Studies
Language: Italian

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