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Antonio Bonifacio

Gnosi Protocristiana

Gnosi Protocristiana

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Initiation of the living and the dead in Judeo-Christianity.
James and Paul: two Christianitys compared.

This writing was born from the reflections of the theologian Emmanuele Testa, who meticulously analyzed a wealth of testimonies and finds overlooked by researchers, who had not grasped their importance in the slightest, and which testify to the diffusion of a doctrine and a method contrasting with the teachings contained in The latest (the last things) regarding the exercise of the agonal capacities of the soul during the passing away.

This archaic practice can be compared to similar forms of post-mortal salvation present in other traditions, such as the Far Eastern and Egyptian ones, which are well known today. These viaticums show a universality of attitude, albeit varied, regarding the posthumous possibilities of "fighting" the soul.

Agonal and agonal coincide: true and proper mystical journeys, of ecstatic states of consciousness. A true unexplored mine of "subtle" possibilities.

We thus realize the abysmal difference that the "traditional", fideistic approach has with the other, experiential one and therefore linked to sacred knowledge, typical of cardiognosis, which removes metaphysical ignorance and presupposes the ability of the subject, through rigorous initiatory discipline and appropriate techniques, to voluntarily separate the body from the soul.

In Judeo-Christianity we don't talk about "salvation" but about theosis and therefore of the possibility that, through practice, the experiencer follows the expected initiatory steps, which will be discussed in this book.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9791280418586
Pages: 648
Author: Antonio Bonifacio
Edition: 2023
Format: 14.8x21cm

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